#996 Opening and sniffing a pack of tennis balls

Like fine wineNot too many things that aren’t soda sound like soda when they’re opened. But tennis balls do, and that’s part of their beauty. You just snap back that tab, hear that pshhhhh sound, and then catch a whiff of those vacuum sealed, Korean-factory packed, hot rubbery plastic fumes. Tennis anyone?


83 thoughts on “#996 Opening and sniffing a pack of tennis balls

  1. Oh YESSSSSSSSSS I play tennis and I LOVE to open a brand new pak of tennis balls, I love the pssss sound and the plastic-new smell

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  3. The opening of a pack of tennis balls makes a sound really nice and unique. Also the smell of the fresh and not used ball is so good. Other thing that is really good with tennis balls is when the ball hit the racket in the right point and make a very good sound and another thing is when the ball hit the network and reduce the speed of the ball.

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