3 thoughts on “Heaven

  1. Here’s a photo of the old space ship that landed in Oakland circa 1968. Before it was taken down in 2000, it was a great hangout for the teens hunkered in between the clamshells. Ahh… the good old days!

  2. Great picture of the merry-go-round, just printed it off to have a buddy make one for my grandkids. Those WERE the days, remember the wax paper we would sit on to make the slide slick? I am also looking for plans for a Great gadget we use to play on at Camp Little Flower. It was tall, almost like a maypole with about 6 arms horizontal to the ground, off of each of these arms was a chain with a handle on the end. You would get running around in the same direction and swinging and then it would take off and you would be about 6 feet in the air horizontal to the ground. A lot of blisters on palms of hands, but what great fun

    1. We had one of those maypole-hanging- spinning things on our grade school playgroung in the mid 1960’s. It was the BEST!!!

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