#977 The smell of gasoline

Put a few drops on your wrist and neck

Tell me something: Have you ever rolled down your window at a gas station to catch some hot whiffs? While pumping gas have you ever spilled a few drops on your shirt for some free take-out smell? Baby, I know you’re with me. Because you know that the smell of gasoline is one of life’s simplest pleasures.

Now, I know a lot of people out there seem to think the smell of gasoline ain’t great for your brain. They insist you’re fritzing out all your head circuitry with these evil airborne hydrocarbons, the equivalent of releasing a sack of rats into the restaurant kitchen or pouring a can of Coke into your laptop air vent. And you know what? Maybe they’re right. I do fully agree that huffing gas fumes is really bad for you. That’s really not debatable. But the regular ol’ smell of gasoline just lingering around the fillup station? I say the jury’s still out on that one.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I have no idea why, when my dad pulled our old wood-paneled station wagon up to the Shell pumps, I’d love to get out and take a giant sniff of that hot, gassy air. But I know I did. Maybe I felt a bit like a woodsman stepping out of his cabin holding a cup of coffee, a baker pulling a tray of fresh, hot croissants out of the oven, or a wine tester swirling a big fat glass of Merlot before the big sniff. Maybe for a kid growing up in the suburbs the smell of gasoline at the local pumps was the same sort of deal. Just one of those great smells of life. A smell that says something about who you are. Something about where you come from. Something… about what you believe in.


115 thoughts on “#977 The smell of gasoline

  1. Christine – I know what you are talking about – the old Gestetner ‘crank the handle’ copiers. Remember how cold the papers felt too – AWESOME!

  2. For me it’s: gasoline, home depot (yes!), tire stores and new car smell :)
    those are the ultimate best.

  3. I love the smell of gasoline, it’s definitely part of a childhood nostalgia kind of thing, that and sawdust. My father was a carpenter and nothing I loved more than putzing around the shop while he worked and smelling that smell of fresh sawdust. Mmm just thinking about it takes me back!

  4. I love the smell of gasoline. I also love the smell of auto parts stores, hardware stores, service stations, and lumberyards.

    Whenever I take the cap off of a tank that needs filling, I take a whiff.

  5. I am searching for an answer. Why do people like the smell? It has been told that when your body crave something unusally it is because your body is lacking something therefore you crave weird things.

  6. Gasoline today vs years ago: Most of todays gasoline is imported oil and it stinks as gasoline and all of todays gasoline is unleaded.
    I loved the smell of gasoline and dust from an unpaved road. Was heaven!
    Maybe the reason it isnt the turn on like it used to be

    1. It doesn’t matter if the oil is imported or not, it is refined here in the U.S., plus to manufacture gasoline Light, Sweet, Crude oil is required to refine into gasoline so I’m not quite sure what you are objecting to?? It has to meet a certain requirement or standard no matter where it may have originated.

  7. Omg,I’m now 36wks pregnant and I love the smell of gas,new tires,and correction fluid. No I don’t huff of sniff it I just love the smell,is this weird?

  8. Oh man, the smell of gasoline is totally awesome! totally! OI remember I used to love it so much when my dad would stop for gas, that smell was intense. It’s not the same nowadays… :(

  9. …concuerdo con muchos de los comentarios leidos en este sitio, acabo de darme cuenta de que existe este libro tan sencillo y tan significativo para muchas personas en el mundo.Nos lleva a veces a la infancia en un segundo y traemos nuestro pasado al dia a dia , que reencuentro!.
    Por mi parte, debo decir que mi padre trabajo toda su vida en transporte y en las noches cuando llenaba el estanque lo acompañabamos mi hermana y yo, al pasar los años comprendi que ese ese olor a diesel era un extasis para mi , sin embargo, lo reprimi pensando que era una locura. Ahora extraño esos momentos de infancia junto a mi familia. Pero se que estarán presentes en mi vida cada vez que paso por una bencinera, aun lo recuerde o no en ese instante. Que bueno es compartir esto con ustedes.
    Pd. A ver …quien se dara el tiempo para traducir este mensaje que viene de Chile! ;)

  10. I thaught i was the only one who felt like that! Nice to know there are other weird people out there like me! I LOVE the smell of gas,exaust from cars too,rubber cement glue specially when i was preggo,shoe store smell,rubber,new car smell,paint,white out-u name it most solvents…but by far GAS TOPS IT! I admit i have obssessed with it before lol… Dont really tell my friends about it,they just think its weird…i like the smell. Dont ask me why lol

  11. this is not one love for me,
    but I do love the smell of clean sheets and when I cut the grass with my “woman-powered” push lawn mower:D

  12. For some strange reason I am drawn to the smell of the garage? It wouldn’t be the usual scents I was attracted to…maybe like an earlier poster said, reminds me of dad and dad things?

  13. I love the smell too much. I have been converted to a huffer now. I am so disappointed with myself, but I’ve found that I’m psychologically addicted to the smell. I would not recommend any of us pursuing the fetish to the extent I have. If you have any negative comments about me for this, I understand, because no one can think that I’m any more stupid than I think myself to be. Good luck you sniffers, and keep it VERY moderate if you must indulge.

  14. My guess of why gasoline smells so good is because it’s a form of drug that hits the pleasure part of the brain through the sense of smell as pills hit through internal response or sensual through touch.

  15. How about car tires? New or old?
    I like to accompany my husband to Costco or Sams Club, because they have a tire shop and it smells gooooood in there.

    Also, the really old Mercedes taxis I used to ride around in in Morocco and Lebanon when I was younger smelled of old leather and diesel. GREAT stuff!

    Also, on a hot summer’s day, when I am stopped at a red light of a busy intersection, I like to roll down my window and smell the heat of the road mixed in with the rubbery smell of hot tires…

  16. Yeah, I got what you mean!
    Sometimes I like to sniff some gasoline whenever getting fueled in petrol station.
    But my most favourite is the Artline BLUE color white board marker pen!!!
    My friend and I like to sniff during the teacher is writing on the board using the blue marker pen!
    UHU glue stick is another good smell though…!!! XD
    Gosh, I am not the only freak XD


  17. Well, being 50 years old there a lot of things I no longer seek pleasure from for simple fear of dropping dead where I stand OR sit AND one of them I no longer enjoy is gasoline. Allow me to clarify, I would definitely enjoy gasoline were I to take a slow deep breath but I have started employing a bit more discretion into my life.
    Let me share my thoughts on Gasoline, first off I have NEVER huffed it to get high but I guess I should have just to see what it’s like, but this I do know, Pre-1979 gasoline smelled more aromatic than today’s engine fuels, and the reason is if you don’t know because until 1979 ALL gasoline contained LEAD and that was indeed delectable!
    In those days gasoline vapors were easy to locate and see floating through the air. Today the gasoline pumps have new vapor collection technology and so now your lucky if you can even tell that your at a filling station all of the good things in life are legislated out of existence by the Nazi’s in the Republican Party, although I’d almost be willing to bet that this one was done a by a Democrat…

  18. A “one-up” to the smell of gasoline is the smell of two-stroke gasoline from motorcycles.
    I don’t know what it is about that “turbo blue” additive to a two stroke, but that extra zing really puts a smile on my face.

  19. That’s kind of like the smell of old books for me. The first thing I do when I step into a library, thrift store, or used book shop is take a big old nose full of the sweet, musty smell of imagination and creativity. It smells like love, and hopes and dreams.

  20. I agree with you that the smell of the gasoline is good! When we fill the tank of the car, we always open the car window to feel that nice smell, it`s very good, but we have to take care! It`s proved that the smell of gasoline isn`t good for our health. When aspirated, she exerts a depressant action in our nervous system and moreover that, she can also change the perception and ability to induce even more obvious symptoms such as delusions and hallucinations. So, think twice before doing that!!!

  21. the smell of gasoline when it was leaded was the best smell it made me horny. i could get off just from a simple whiff of the leaded sweet smell.

  22. I love the smell of gasoline. People think I’m crazy, but I can’t help it. Just a quick whiff makes me yearn for more of it. I wish they can bottle the stuff!

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  24. I’m totally addicted on huffing petrol, and while it screws my mind up completely, it just smells so great.

  25. I absolutely love smelling gasoline. I am not a huffer but when I get a whiff of it in the air, it makes me smile. I think it smells so good and I’m glad I am not the only one who loves the stuff. However, with the boots on the gas pumps these days, it’s harder now to smell it.

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