#961 Yellow teeth

Not pretty

Hey, since when are teeth supposed to be beaming white, shining like little flashlights whenever somebody laughs or smiles?

The way it’s been lately with the whitening strips, gels, gums, and toothpastes, the baking soda this, the dental bleaching that, well it almost seems like Having Bright White Teeth is becoming another mandatory personal hygiene norm, landing in the pile with a hollow clank alongside showering every day, wearing deodorant, and flushing the toilet when you only did Number One.

So to that I say: Wait! Let’s just settle down and calmly rethink this whole situation before it gets out of hand. We haven’t checked the box and stamped approved on the application just yet, so people, there’s still time. We can reject unnaturally white teeth and go back to the way things were.

Yes, I’m talking about the yellow teeth of your youth, the au natural teeth, the teeth you grew up with, the modest aw shucks pearly yellows of Joe Everyman and Jane Everylady. We can still embrace the teeth that get stained with coffee and smoke and spaghetti sauce and Indian food. The teeth that love us no matter who we are or what we eat.

If you aren’t yet picking up what I’m putting down, then I’ve got just one more reason to love yellow teeth again: cause white teeth hurt. I’m talking hot and cold sensitivity, weakened enamel, and receding gum lines. Girl, it ain’t pretty. Don’t get messed up and addicted to the whitening stuff. No, we like having you around. Nobody wants to find you sprawled face-down on a stained motel room carpet, little squeezed-out packs of Crest Whitestrips laying all over the floor.

So come with me, back to the world where teeth are yellow. The way they were meant to be. And hey, next time someone comes up to you, points you square in the mouth, and says “Buddy, your teeth are yellow!”, just smile, look them square in the eye, and say, “Why yes, yes they are. And you know what? I think that’s alllllllllright.”


Now that's what I'm talking about

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  3. Listen,even though I agree to some extent you have to go further in the subjet. Wanting white teeth is not just about wanting to emulate a celebrity.
    The same way that men look for big breasted women for antropologicla reasons,nature makes us look for a female that can provide milk to our babies because remember its all about nature.
    Females look for strong man with big shoulders,and 9 out of 10 women will tell you they want a tall man.why is that? Short men are men too…well again females need to feel protected by a big strong macho,thats in our genes and culture and those things you cant avoid.
    So having clear skin is not a wannabe celebrity thing. Clear skin is one of the main good health indicators same for teeth.
    So traditionally we as human are going to look for a healthy young individual to procreate. We all know that teeth get yellow with use so cracked yelow teeth are indicators of old age,tranlating into atropogical matters,indicates you are not in the best age range to procreate,wich means YOU ARE LESS atractive to the oppositte sex.And appear to be less healthy.
    what happens when any animal is sick,the rest run away from that individual.The same way when you look healthy people seem to feel brwn to you be around you play with you or procreate with you.
    So before bashing teeth whitening,try yourself a safe natural method,see the change your smile has upon people around you,not to mention the confidence boost it will give you to see yourself atractive and full of life with a bright smile.And when you lie the way you look and happy about yourself it will translate into a positive confident attitude that definately will help you succed in many fields,profesional and or personal
    Unnatural white teeth is a risy decision cause it will brw some people to you but at the same time that unnatural perfect look can intimidate other people or just make you look not natural.
    But I tell you a good electric brush will make you feel good an dpeople around you. You will be surprised at how contagious your smile gets when its white,people cant help but smile when they see yours.
    All my life I had yelow teeth,I was not obsessed with getting them white,I thought it was too expensive nd just did nothing about it.But I year ago I started my quest trying differnt options and now IM sooo happy cause I have clean white teeth.The feeling of having aclean mouth translates to your mood really.
    So people buy a good electric toothbrush not the cheap supermarketbuy one in the 50 dollar range. Floss,rinse with a mouth wash,and whiten with tea tree oil.
    Youll be glad you did,dont listen to this non sense of “yelow teeth are better.Anybody that whitens their teeth even if they are not perfect size will see their selfsteem and social relationships skyrocket.Period!
    If you already have beautiful teeth but yelow,(that was my case) dont hesitate and whiten your teeth safely.Why have a 5 or 6 smile when you can have a round 10! doesnt make sense

    So when you meet someone with white teeth,you see someone that is comanded enough to mantain a rutine of teeth brushing and thats says a lot.You see someone that cares about his her hygiene.You see someone with nice breath.You see someone that appears to tbe healthy and probably if he she cares about teeth,probably cares about all around hygiene.
    You see someone healthy and atractive,thats about it.
    and its nto about insecurities,Im full of self steem,yelow or white teeth,I just want to look my best and bring the benefits of a white smile to myself and people around me. can I?
    its funny you guys are mad at some people disliing yelow teeth,but at the same time there are comments bashing white teeth people,does it mae sense?
    I see jealosy,if you are not lucky to have white teeth or dont have the commitment or money to achieve white teeth dont blae the rest of the world,just sayin

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