#955 Sneezing three or more times in a row

Kleenex softens the snotty blow

Sometimes sneezes hit you and hit you hard.

Unless you’re rolling around in a pile of ragweed or sleeping on a pillow filled with pepper and cat hair, it usually starts completely out of nowhere. You feel that tickle deep up your nose. Just a tiny little quiver way, way up there, near where you eyeball connects to your brain. You squint a bit, pull your hand up to your mouth, and then BOOM! Your eyes squeeze tightly, your face contorts and crunches together, and it screams down your face at the speed of sneeze, exploding out of your mouth in a wet and ugly climax of snot droplets and head goo flying in all directions.

Loving it

Despite the look of it, sneezing can feel pretty great. Not only does repeated sneezing give you a weird, spacey head rush, but it can also be quite refreshing. Those sinuses get cleaned out a bit. The nose hairs get a brief, windy blow down. Plus, you fire whatever might be irritating your nasal cavity out of your nose like a cannon, sending it flying across the room in a spastic I Must Get This Out Of Me overreaction.

Now, although sneezes are usually a surprise, there are times when you know they’re in there and you just want them to leave. What’s worse than that frustratingly stubborn sneeze? I’m talking about the kind that pauses all conversation, leaving your friends stuck grimacing and watching you writhe in an agitated Potentially Sneezing Soon state, trying to force the sneeze locked in your nose in or out.

It’s just awkward.

But that’s why it feels great to let that booming sneeze out, preferably in a punctuated rat-a-tat-tat sequence of three or more sneezes for the full effect. Tiny mousesqueak sneezes or booming dogbark sneezes welcome, because whatever your style man, that’s cool. It’s all good.

And hey, you know what’s the best part? Free blessing! Yes, everyone around you chimes in just when your body is buzzing, your sinuses are sparkling, and your head pipes are all vacuumed clean.


Loving it

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77 thoughts on “#955 Sneezing three or more times in a row

  1. “At the speed of sneeze…”

    These 5 simple words made me laugh so hard I sneezed. 5 times. AWESOME.

  2. When I was a baby up till around 3 or 4 my parents said I could not sneez for the life me now that I’m older i cannot remember a day gone by that I have not sneezed and when I sneez it’s usually about 3-5 in a row sometimes up to 8-10 the ones I hate is when I sneez 3 or 4 times get a pause set myself think I’m clear then 6 more hit I have been dealing with this ever since I can remember it sucks

  3. Sneezing is really something that I love and hate at the same time, it makes me feel good but it also embarrasses me. What a feeling it is to sneeze the loudest you can when you’re alone or in a quiet place. It is so funny when you sneeze loudly in a classroom. Everybody starts staring at you like if you had killed the Queen! You also feel free and light when you sneeze, although it is not good when you have a cold, bacause your nose fills up with phlegm, ugh!

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  5. I have had two sneezes in a row all my life. Until I was 57 and I sneezed so many times I was not counting – I was just trying to breath! Oddest thing that’s ever happened. Now – when I think I’m going to sneeze – I get ready for the potential of a marathon!

  6. I often sneeze at least 3 times a day, I feel whether it is my physical condition is not good enough or my physique,

  7. Only problem is right before those sneezes, when your nose starts aching like a bunch of balloons are being inflated in there. .

  8. Ughhh I HATE sneezing more than going to the dentist I mean it too I sneeze more than 6 times in a row and most times it hurts sooo bad I have to curl my body at times so I don’t pull a muscle now thrilling awesome feeling after more like throbbing pain.

  9. My sneezes always take the longest time to come. I’m one of those people where I feel so bad like I need to sneeze but it takes up to 30 seconds while I sit there with my head turned away from everyone, and everyone is wondering what is going on, feeling uncomfortable. Awkward silence. Then once I do start sneezing I go no less than 4 times and up to 18, in rapid succession one after the other, while people sit there and stare. They’re like God, are you okay? My last boyfriend just broke up with me two weeks ago because he said he hated how I sneeze. Not that I can help it or do anything about it. Bad when you lose a boyfriend you really liked over something like this..

  10. Yeah… I love sneezing too. Its felt relieve and satisfy. I always sneeze twice and kinda loud a bit. It goes like this… Achooooooo….. Achooooooo….. Ha ha! That’s how I sneeze lolz. Its awesome. I love it. But I’ve seen people sneeze multiple times in a row. They sneeze more than two times.

  11. My mother has a genetic disorder that causes her to sneeze rapidly and randomly… This made her day, she laughed so loudly!!! :)

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