19 thoughts on “gun-pez

  1. OK. This is cool, but I can just see some kid sticking the barrel into his mouth and pulling the trigger for a pez.

    Not a great image for kids or adults for that matter. :)

  2. They do not make them anymore because they were banned when people started to rob banks with them. But you can find replicas on ebay for cheap. They shoot pez over 20 ft.

  3. Never saw one, but not surprised it exists. Back in the day our parents bought us all kinds of demented, semi-dangerous stuff. When I see some of the stuff now, I’m absolutely amazed at what was designed as toys! What’s funny is that they gave us candy cigs, gun pez, lawn darts, cap guns, etc. but the freakin’ easy bake oven tried to bake with the heat from a tiny light bulb! LMAO!

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