#896 That feeling you get right after you just vomited

feels-better-than-it-looksWhen that churning ocean of sickness in your stomach finally leaves your body in a massive, ab-clencing heave, it sort of feels like a rebirth. Your headache instantly disappears, you chug a glass of water, and then all is well in the world again.


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67 thoughts on “#896 That feeling you get right after you just vomited

  1. I just threw up 25 minutes ago. And I was suprised that my fatigue, drowiness (more like fogged up head. couldn’t think straight) dissapeared afterwards. I was also suprised that the veggies I had eaten 7 hours ago were thrown up. You’d think after that amount of time, it would have left the stomach and continued onto the next step of digestion. Kind of strange. I feel relieved now though. And thank the spirits no one was around to see me pee my pants while it happened lolol. Lucky me, I had to pee badly right when I got the urge to upchuck. At least I was right next to the kitchen sink when it happened. No mess to clean :)

  2. Threw up an hour ago. Literally felt like death beforehand but felt so good after. Not just relief but almost a ‘high’. I’m pretty sure the body releases a lot of adrenalin & endorphins during the process. Probably the same feeling our paleo ancestors felt after escaping a predator. It’s the bodies ‘reward’ for surviving a traumatic event. Still feel good now touch wood!

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