#741 When a big chunk of ear wax randomly falls out of your ear

tumbling out of head mountainSure, it’s a little bit extremely disgusting, but the gross out factor pales in comparison to the massive release you feel when a waxy boulder comes tumbling out of a cave on the side of Head Mountain. Remember: there’s nothing to be embarrassed about because this is just The Magic of the Human Body. Yes, like a loyal employee punching out after a hard day on the line, your earwax heads home with its lunchbox in hand after drowning dust and dirt on a double shift in your ear canal. The gig’s not easy and it doesn’t pay well, so when Waxy Brown’s finished his business, you know it’s because he’s done as much as he can.


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152 thoughts on “#741 When a big chunk of ear wax randomly falls out of your ear

  1. I don’t know about it falling out on it’s own but I find it fascinating when I use a q-tip and get a good chunk out.

  2. All three of my children were complaining of ear aches.. for once instead of rushing them to the dr like i always do, i took a look inside their tiny little ears and discovered what looked like a really huge booger!…. I irrigated their ears and when the big ball of nasty came rolling out to where i could grab it and pull it out , well , we all lookded at each other in amazement at the pure size of the thing… no I am a bit jealous as i have never had this happen to me and they all feel so much better, I want to feel better too!

  3. I had a tiny earache about a week ago. It would only hurt just a bit when i opened my jaw all the way or when I stuck my finger inside to clean it. But a few days ago the tiny pain suddenly stopped but now my earwax is really wet and smelly. When I wake up my ears will feel really itchy so I take a finger and rapidly push it back and forth in the ear, not necessarily to physically dig out the wax but to apply enough suction to extract the wax. A very useful skill I’ve developed over the years.

    But when I did it yesterday morning and this morning, the wax that came out was almost like water draining from my ear. So i hurried and grabbed a paper towel and shoved it inside and when i pulled it out, it looked like melted caramel on the towel. However, it smelled like raw sewage. I’ve done this repeatedly and though my ear has literally no pain, idk why my wax is so wet. Infection maybe?

    The weirdest thing that happened though was that I used the jack end of my headphones, something i dont recommend any of you do unless you are skilled with foreign objects in you own ears, and pulled out a huge wad of gunk. Impressive as it was, I dissected the light brown semi-wet wad and to my astonishment found a small gummy white piece of matter. I have NO idea wtf it is!! I rolled it around in my finger tips until it dried up and crumbled away, but before it did it felt exactly like a small fragment of those gummy bears you can get from your local store.

    This is only in my right ear, I haven’t gone swimming but i think what happened is that since I manually clean my ears alot (you arent supposed to but i stopped caring years ago because i am fairly good from practice) some water may have gotten in my ears during a shower and infected it.

    Meh we’ll see how it turns out I guess. It’s pretty fun making all this wet stuff leave my ear though. Just sucks that for a few months now my right ear has been hearing a little worse than my left one. :P

  4. I’ve had earwax come out before but never such a large ball as today – the size of a pea. And I was concerned about the colour, thinking it looked like dried blood – a dark brown colour with a tinge of red. Reading here, I guess I’m normal.

  5. I’ve had this happen for as long as I can remember. Always made me shudder cause it tickled on the way out lol I’ve always had problems with my ears and no the magic is not goin to the doctors to clean them. My ear drums are scared and I’ve lost some hearing from it. when I was younger I was sitting in my room “picking” my left ear when I pulled out this huge hunk of bright yellow and black ball of wax. I was proud of myself so much that I went screaming to mom to show and tell her that I don’t need to go to the doctors anymore cause I can clean them myself lol. A warm/hot shower to soften the wax, and peroxide. it will bubble some wax out making you feel better.

    I still use peroxide and now use a bobby pin to clean my ears. if I don’t I feel crazy

  6. never had this happen to me…i clean my ears everyday lol, or 3-4 times a week and really theres nothing to have an orgasm over :/

  7. I randomly saw this post on the right Top Posts panel and I started laughing before I even read it. This is brilliant and so true. I thought I was the only one that felt relief and joy instead of disgust. =p
    “Yes, like a loyal employee punching out after a hard day on the line, your earwax heads home with its lunchbox in hand after drowning dust and dirt on a double shift in your ear canal.” I laughed, reread, re-laughed haha

  8. First time it happened to me I was grocery shopping and I thought a bug was crawling out of my ear and I freaked out til I realized what it was. It was huge! It happene again a couple days ago in my sleep and now my ear is all stopped up and hurting and I am really wishing for it happen again like right now!!

  9. Wow,there’s this whole ear business of which I’ve been rather blissfully ignorant! Never had this happen, but I use q-tips daily and clean my ears with peroxide every few weeks, so maybe that’s why I’ve missed this event. As an adult, my son had some ear bother and went to the dr. who promptly flushed and picked out big ear wax balls. He said his hearing improved after. I didn’t realize this is a typical thing! Geez! Can’t quite get over the “ewwww” factor on this one to find it awesome, but I’ll liken it to picking off a scab, which I find awesome! Especially those big, crusty knee ones from childhood!

  10. this same thing happens to my gf and it makes me want to scream like a litle girl!!!!! but for some strange reason…i like helping her with it 8)

  11. I feel like I’m missing out on a fantastic experience… this has never happened to me before! Am I freakishly no normal?!

  12. Just happened to me while I was having lunch. I felt something moving in my right ear then a drop. I tilted my head right and scooped it with my hand. I inspected it and wanted to keep it but I was having lunch with a colleague. I recovered from a sinus infection and both my ears were clogged. I hope my left ear releases wax too. i was hoping it would be a bigger piece of wax though.

  13. I read this article awhile ago and thought it was pretty disgusting, it wasn’t until the other day I could truly understand how amazing an earwax ball feels when it just falls out as it finally happened to me. Sure I’m still disgusted by it, but at least now I understand :)

  14. Fantastic! This just happened to me – this morning – picking with my long little finger nail… then omg there really is something in there … then i got it out – thought it was a fly but pulled it appart and it wasn’t … phoned my mum … got really panicky … then thought oh – other ear feels a bit clogged and got my other little fingernail out and … out it popped – slightly different colour and shape but essentially the same – then phoned my mum again… was pretty freaked out – am slightly worried if there is more where that came from might have to see a doc for the hell of it…

    wish i could pull that kind of thing out of my ears every day now tho – didn’t know what i was missing

  15. Hahaha – so I’m not alone – this happens to me like every 3 months. A little pea size nugget of me – my PRECIOUS!!!

  16. I’ve had an infection for about 2 months now. I am desperate for this to happen to me. Is there any way I can ensure it will?

  17. These comments are hilarious but this has recently started happening to me (24yr) and I needed to make sure it was normal. These comments about it feeling amazing are feelings i dont feel lol but its pretty freaky when it falls out i will say that.

  18. Beware of Q-tips. Because of an unbearable itch inside my ears, I became addicted to scraping inside the ear canal with Q-tips. I don’t think it’s coincidental that I now I’m totally hearing impaired. My audiologist says I have zero earwax. I thought Q-tips were dangerous because somebody could accidentally bump into you and you could perforate your ear drum. I did not know that you could push wax further into the ear canal damaging the ear drum or that the wax serves as a protective barrier against bacteria or other microorganisms. By removing all the wax, maybe I allowed microorganisms to destroy the hair cells in the cochlea. The itching by the way is ten times worse when you wear hearing aids. Try not to use Q-tips but if you must at least don’t go too far in and dunk them in some vinegar for true relief.

  19. That should never happen… That’s disgusting! You’re supposed to clean out your ears… Come on now simple hygiene people.. I will never date a guy who doesn’t clean out his ears.. How nasty!

  20. It’s never happen to me but now I want it to. I don’t like being left out. Haha I’m a weirdo, please feel free to judge me.

  21. I have always considered it abnormal, and even felt really bad when my sister said she never had it. But i’m really relieved now, having confirmed that ear wax could be dry or wet and knowing that it happens to several other people.

  22. This has happened to me a few times, first time i was 18, ears were super clogged. Went to the doctor and they flushed it out with an irrigator and warm water. Tons of gunky earwax came splooged out, dark orange and brown, once it came out my hearing improved immensely. In my late 20’s i got an ear infection and vertigo from surfin in dirty water too much, balls of wax the size of a small marble would come out. At first i thought it was kelp in my ear! With the combo of surfing and playing music, (im a guitarist and drummer) i think my body produces more wax than normal in order to protect my ears. Kaiser has a great ear flushing station where they stick these tubes in your ears and they flush out all the accumulated wax. Too bad i switched insurance. But, I go annually to a ear/nose/throat specialist and he vacuums out my ears. Love it!

  23. Thank God for Google! I was at work on the bridge of a ship when this happened this morning, after a wriggling like an insect it rolled out onto chart table! I panicked as in South America and bot flys are around!

    Just recovered from cold and quit smoking. Flying flew in my ear few weeks ago, maybe related.

  24. The back and forth comments on this topic made be laugh harder than I have in years. Thanks!

    I too suffer from the condition that causes ear wax to build up, clog, and then eventually fall out in a chunk. I find it to be a strange tingly sensation when it happens. The ear nerves sure are sensitive. The first time I remember the experience was when I was in the back seat of a car talking to a friend in the front passenger seat. Right in mid sentence he said, “a chunk of wax just fell out of your ear.” Of course I felt it, and I was surprised he even noticed it. We both laughed. He’s a doctor and has witnessed a lot more shocking stuff than ear wax.

  25. Thank god! This is the second time this has happened to me and I freaked out!! I can relax now, knowing that its normal and happens to other people. Thanks guys :)

  26. Ear wax is produced by something to a sweat gland. I sweat profusely and also have large amounts of ear wax on a constant basis. What’s funny is that I can be just sitting around and feel a large chunk fall down in my ear. I go to an ENT about 4 times a year to have wax removed. He uses a tiny vacuum cleaner to suck out that junk. What I pick it out (and I love doing it) I usually smell it and its smell is bad. So, if you have over active sweat glands, chances are you’ll have over active ear wax. Oh well, just the way we were made.

  27. When I rinsed my left ear at a hotel last summer, a large chunk came out. It was hard as a rock. But, I was relieved because I had problems with my left ear previously.

    All I have to say is continue rinsing your ears so that the earwax can soften and come out automatically. If you need to go to the doctor just in case, then do so.

    I highly recommend an ear syringe and/or a ear washer bottle you can buy on Amazon.com.

  28. I enjoy cleaning my ears out with a toothpick. I push the toothpick in deep until i feel it press against what feels like a ball of wax , I push the toothpick into the wax and hear a popping sound. After this fluid drains out of my ear and my hearing is lost for about 3 days , but when my hearing returns it is better than ever!

  29. Omgoodness I love how honest you guys are. I love this to!!! And it’s most defiantly NOT weird.

  30. Oh i got one for ya.. i was just a wee lad yeah… and me mates and I used to drink crappers til we was legless, until we was wrote off completely.. one night this bogger caught me playin titmickey with his mott and took me outside.. i was expectin to get loafed or creamed, but this crazy muckshot took me down a boreen to this little caravan in the sticks to kick my backdoor in.. he was trying to tear my hoop to pieces with this knob and it was horrid, but it wasn’t until he started horsin it into my ear that it got ugly.. it took only minutes until he was vinegar stroking and exploding like an h-bomb.. i caught some jip in my ear when i turned my head to remove it a chunk of brown wax came out.. i mean a damn jar of wax.. it was a religious experience.. i went from a scundered bloke who sacrificed an ear to avoid a scalding ring to a careless apache looking to mill it out with this poofter.. the release of pressure from the wax made me invincible and i belted the bean flicker in his cake-hole and with a massive clatter i knocked the knobjockey into his cassie.. i dipped my ball-bag in his gob and plugged his nostrils.. he shook like he was having a seizure and after what seemed like ages.. he finally broke free.. he started legging it as fast as he could and i noticed he had shat his cacks.. i wasn’t done though so i hopped in a jammer and ran that knacker down.. i was bleedin deadly with my drivin and i wasted that scumsucker at 120km/h.. he was that ear wax saved me life.. and me arse.. and i can’t tell you how happy i am.. sure a bloke got topped but who needed that muppet anyway..

  31. Omg it just happened to me my first time I was staring at it for a good couple of minutes I couldn’t believe what it was as I lay my head down on my pillow it just came out getting up so freaking fast thinking it was a bug! Smh

  32. This has happened to me only once. I had the sensation of something being pushed out, then out dropped a dark, compact ball of wax. I looked at it and thought, “What the heck…?”

  33. Just the answer I was looking for after what fell outta my ear, good to know my internal employees are working as hard as I do. Coffee break!

  34. dear lord, i had uncomfortableness 3 days ago when i first noticed that same feeling back in 2003. i got ear problems specifically on my right and since then i am having difficulties on myy right ear. its much difficult than the left wich is running normally. but then 3 days ago, there it went again. i can feel something wrong its itchyspainful maybe because it is like a granite w/ rough edges that rubs againts my skin. and i hate it! its for cryinh out loud annoying! is there a home remedy that you can share for me? i dont want to wait for years just for this madafaka to leave my ear! i dont want to see the eent dr again. if there’s a safe way to remove it ill have it tried other wise ill move to 2nd option but will take longer, go see dr eent. thanks!

  35. Last year, when I stayed at a resort while my dad was at work, I was in the bathroom cleaning my ears with the Rhino ear washer bottle. I kept spraying in my left ear until I saw a chunk hanging out. I repeatedly sprayed my left ear until the chunk came out and fell in the sink. It was dark and hard as a rock when I touched and broke it apart. My left ear felt so good because I felt a blockage in it earlier.

    1. Just happened out of my right ear for the second time today…scared the hell out of me. After reading that some people go their whole lives without the experience I regretted throwing them in the trash. Until my girlfriend said I was disgusting for thinking how cool it was. Theres a blizzard raging outside and her belongings are going to be out there shortly.

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  37. Am I the only one who finds this entire thread, and the comments about saving ear wax and even attempting to ingest it, extremely disturbing?

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  39. Haha…earwax is by far the coolest thing the body produces…and apparently it has healing properties..there was a story in a medical journal about a doctor collecting it from many sources…and suspending it in a solution…and using it as a way to treat ear infections…

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