#714 Changing the channel during a commercial break and then flipping back just as the show's coming back on

we dont have much timeYou played a risky game, friend.

But you made it.


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  1. I am forever changing the channel during commercials and I always get that special thrill when I get back as the show is coming on..yay!

  2. I guess PIP is cheating.

  3. wxchick

    All hail the 30-second forward button on Directv and Tivo remotes!

  4. Zootie

    Right on WxChick! What are these ‘commerical’ things you’re talking about? With the DVR, you never need take that horrible gamble again. Commerical comes on…Pause button…Swap channels and watch something else (until a commercial comes up on that channel)…Swap channels back and fast forward on through. How did we ever survive back in the dark DVR-less ages? I bet they had to heat food in those ‘oven’ things too!

  5. I alwyas get all commercials on when I flip the channels. Bad luck.

  6. jdurley

    It’s also great if you get up to do something during the commercials eg. make a snack, put on a load of laundry, put the kids to bed, etc. and you make it back to the TV just in time.

  7. Dawn-Michelle

    Love this one!

  8. Corey

    Hey, hey, not everybody has DVR. Some of us are still living in the dark ages with just regular cable or satellite tv, without all the fancy rewinds, fast fowards and On-Demand features.

    And we’re just happy with our typical < 100 channels; with a simple remote that has volume and channel control with just a few options.

    That's why this post is awesome.

  9. Freddo

    Great one. As hinted at above, its become a bit less relatable in the age of DVRs, as I now either skip commercials, or pause when I need to leave the TV for a bit.

    But I’m all about multi-tasking like this. I’ll often be heating something up in the microwave, and have to run around and get something else done before it finishes, etc.

    But one question – why is the out-of-costume Santa wearing a cast on his arm in that picture? Chimney injury?

  10. Jen

    @ Freddo – LOL….. I was thinking the same thing about the cast!

  11. What’s more awesome is that I suggested this! 😛

    This is really awesome!

  12. a person

    especially when its a bran new ep! and while eating that chips and dip u made during the commercials, its perfect!

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  14. A

    Or when you fast forward through the commercials and press ‘play’ just in time. Aaah.

  15. Cathy

    My mother hates it when my dad does it. But between the two of us, we have pretty rad skills.

  16. Jose

    With a dual-tuner dvr, I can record two shows and rewind/skip to the right place as I switch between them. But I just don’t get the satisfaction of the old days when I took pride in having uncannily perfect timing.

  17. Channing

    I especially love it when on a Saturday evening at work on my break two football games time up just perfectly where I can watch one play on one and then hit the “recall” button on the remote to go to the other game just as the next play is starting. Non stop football action at its very best!

  18. wendywithaurora

    It’s an art.

  19. Mang

    Hard to channel surf when you have a tube tv without a remote ultimate fail lol

  20. Rachhendy

    We don’t watch commercials in this house it’s called pvr and skip through lol

  21. Mark Zuckerburg

    The app is very innovating amd I might consider adding this to my newest version of facebook.

  22. Tina

    This is great!! But a mastered skill of few!! But even if you are not a master, if you do it, it truly feels…

  23. Louie

    I think it is awesome coz when I do that I feel like I’m telepathic so I know when is is going to be on and it is even more awesome when you do it 3 times in a row!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!

  24. that’s called perfect timing!

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  27. Crapster

    I hate when commercials come on. You don’t know when they stop and they take FOREVER and use up that time you could be watching tv

  28. Crapster

    Wish I had pvr…

  29. Kid

    I hate adults who make commercials

  30. Kid

    No one ever thinks for the 10 year olds…

  31. Drew shahoud

    Does anyone else hated when you r watching tv with your kids and then coms on a condom commercial? What’s up with that?!

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