#698 Listening to your new favorite song over and over again

Commit it to memoryMemorize the lyrics, remember the beats, and hit the back button again and again until your new favorite tune is permanently etched in your brain.


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96 thoughts on “#698 Listening to your new favorite song over and over again

  1. I do this all the time, especially when I find a new Japanese song on the Internet. :)

  2. Yah… I found a song that I thought I wouldn’t like… But now I can’t stop listening to it… The song is called “Disco Pogo” :D

  3. Haha, when I download new music on my iPod, I only listen to the new ones lol.

  4. I remember one fine house-boating trip with friends on the Shuswap we danced our hearts and souls out to The Travelling Wilbury’s, “Handle Me With Care”… “Mermaids” sound track and Dylan’s “Emotionally Yours” albums until we knew every single word of every single song…and we all had such an awesome time!!!

  5. the excitement and feeling we get while listening to favorite song…. is indescribable…….. like a short lived undeniable addiction…. when you like a song and i speaks to your whole being and life…… nothing could be more amazing……., music is the language of our soul…..

    1. You just described the experience beautifully:)

      And Mike, thanks for the Shine song…you may’ve just saved a day~.~

  6. I do this with both individual songs and groups of songs. And since I listen to a song or bunch of songs so much at a particular time, that song is then forever associated in my mind with things that happened at that particular time. This can be a book that I read, series I watched, particular events such as exams or breakups or holidays. Which adds another layer of AWESOME, as then when I think about that song the memories come flooding back even more vividly.

  7. i do this a lot but then i replay it so much i don’t like the song anymore :( ahh i need help with it!

  8. Listening to a brand new song I totally love is like my own form of crack. THe first time that ever hapened was with Andy GIbb’s song, “Love Is (Higher Than a Mountain, Thicker Than Water)”. But that was before iPads, tape decks, and me being gainfuly employed. So, every time someone played it in my sixth grade class during Rainy Day Recess (another awesome!), I would race to a corner of the room close enough to here it, but not so close as to look uncool. I would soak it into my skin and breathe it into my nostrils. And then I’d pray when it ended that someone else in the room loved it as much as me so they would play it again without my having to break my coolness by asking (another awesome!)

    1. I was so excited to write that comment above, I didn’t check any of my spelling, punctuation, or grammar…see, that’s total excitement for me. Now, if we could just bottle that and sell it at Macy’s…

  9. I have a music collection on my computer of over twelve hours of favorite songs. I do this all the time – switch up the songs I’m listening to over and over. One time, it was “What a Feeling” by Irene Cara, from “Flash Dance.” I lisrtened to it over and over for three datys (headphones off), and it drove people crazy…

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