#538 Laughing so hard you start crying

It’s a beautiful moment.

Your friend suddenly squeezes her eyes shut and starts shaking her head while laughing so hard little streams of salty tears start running down her cheeks. She covers her mouth with her hands as her wide-eyed face turns red — and you can see shiny reflections sparkle in her glittery wet eyes. Big booms bounce off walls until she eventually slows down, gasps for air, and open her eyes wide while wet sniffling, smiling widely, and regaining her composure.

And then she looks you right in the eyes and smiles. And you look her right in the eyes and smile.

And it starts all over again.


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80 thoughts on “#538 Laughing so hard you start crying

  1. This experience, the bear hug just when you need it the most and the image of this little baby, simply the best, better than all the rest!

  2. Hahaha I remember me andy best friend were at the mall and we ran into her cousin but she literally bumped into him and made him fall into a window in a store and smash it(a large window) now my friends is sitting on the ground laughing….. She looked up with tears running down her face we asked her if she was crying and if everything was ok but she closes her eyes and starts laughing and saying he fell he fell!! We all had started laugh-crying untill the store manager came up to us and said we has to pay $300 for a new window ( thnx Grammy ) what a nice memory to have on your 18th b- day

  3. Really awesome, for me it could be the number 1.
    There are moments in your life that you should remember forever, such as hanging out with your friends, to talk about nonsense things, to forget the problems and the most important thing to laugh with them, not a little bit but so hard that you start crying. This moment is a really awesome moment, when you start laughing you cant stop it, and it is so funny that you can’t speak anything, your belly starts to hurt and every single action that your friend makes it is a new reason to start laughing again.

    Roberto Benedetto

  4. My contribution to this story is from Steve Harvey’s version of Family Feud: the ?: “Name a body part that’s bigger now than it was when you were 16?” Constant’s answer (w/o hesitation): “Your penis!” I not only saw the humor in that, but the DISGUST in it as well!

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