#509 Riding your bike really late at night when the streets are completely empty

Now’s your time.

As the sun dips down and the twilight fades to darkness there’s nothing sweeter than wheeling your bike out of the garage for a late summer night cruise. Those freewheeling adventures are great for a few reasons:

• The sound of silence. Hello darkness, my old friend. I’ve come to ride with you again. Yes, blaring horns, squealing brakes, and revving engines are all turned down and you’re left alone in the shadows with the wind whispering in your ears.

• Danger, Will Robinson. There’s a sense of reckless cool cruising down those lonely black roads. You can swerve your bike in all directions, hop off the curbs, and be a two-wheeled free spirit.

• Street King. Houselights flick off and raccoons paw trash cans as you rule your Neighborhood Empire as the newly crowned Street King. Puff your chest and scream ‘This is my land!’ at any passing motorists. Just keep the crown under your helmet for safety.

Yes, riding your bike late at night lets you be alone with your thoughts and your dreams and your fears all rolling around your brain as you roll around the block. Chatty parents, buzzing phones, and little brothers are all left behind as you stare forward into the black and ride on and on and on…


Join the awesome movement tomorrow in Toronto.

— Email message —

“I found your website many months ago and have been following it.  We bought The Book of Awesome, and my 10 year old has been looking through it, and loves it.  She’s reading it more than I am.  She’s started her own list of awesome things which include ‘Convincing your parents to order out for dinner’, ‘Being able to have a soda that you usually can’t have’, and ‘Indoor plumbing’ (that one came after our visit to Yellowstone). Her list is already about 50 items long! Attached is a picture of her with your book. Thanks for motivating her to read!!” – Laura from Virginia

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