#492 The first text message between new friends

“Alright, have a great weekend, see you Monday.”

“Yup, you too… hey wait, what are you up to tonight, anyway?”

“Oh, not much, really. Maybe heading into the city with friends.”

“Cool, we’ll be down there too. Thinking dinner, maybe drinks.”

“Oh yeah? Here, add my number to your phone.”

“Perfect, I’ll text you later then… see where you’re at.”


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— Email message —

“dear neil, when I went to go buy the book of awesome at my local b & n, I was extremely disappointed to find it sold out. as I turned to leave, an employee nearly ran into me. thankfully, she had an armful of awesome with her! my heartbreak healed, I thanked her and made my way to the registers. was it fate? I like to think so. awesome!” – debra

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