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  1. normally love the website but I really do find this offensive. I know people are getting tired of hearing this but no I’m not self righteous, I’m not trying to “bum you out” I just like to think of pigs as living creatures as opposed to food.

    1. That’s original. I suppose you’re not one because you kill and prepare your own animals for food. Or wait, do you buy it in the grocery store nicely packaged like everyone else? If anything vegetarians are a lot less “pussies” than us.

  2. It looks like the only way to make things fair is to make a post called “Food you can grow”. Fruits and veggies are just as awesome after all.

  3. I am part vegetarian, mainly because of the smelL, the sight, the texture, the thought, but factually true, I usually get physically ill when I eat even a tablespoon of any meat… still I can’t help myself occassionally. Even though it is said to be one of the most toxic animals on the planet…
    a bbqued rib or 2 at least once a year is scrumptious!
    Ham and scalloped potatoes at least Easter, delicious tradition
    scallops wrapped in bacon, drool…3x/year. BUT- and this is a big BUT, there’s another, I’d just as soon forget, but will share because I must, I can…and I think some of you will love it, in whatever way you choose to:
    When I met my now husband’s family, I could not believe the first festive meal I ever attended…NO WARNING AT ALL and there they were…
    PIGS FEET! IN GELITAN, WHICH THEY PROCEEDED TO SMOTHER IN VINEGAR AND KETCHUP for the main course!!! And they were fricken going balisitc about how delicious they were/are, whatever, and how rude and strange everybody was/is who thinks they are gross, disgusting, horrible, nasty, vile, artery hardening, ankles & toes on darling feet to eat!
    But, I do love it when my sweet grand children giggle to “this little piggy went to market!”

  4. We often joke that if you could eat the oink, my daughter would. She is a fan of all things made from a pig. She loved today’s Awesome Thing.

    And today for some reason I feel like I need to add the qualifier that we’re not “fat Americans,” but rather fairly slender Canadians, who enjoy both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals, and try to get our food from as close to the source as possible. Jeesh.

  5. Omg waaaa all you silly vegetarians.
    Pigs are cute animals and they taste good. And it’s not like we kill them just to make delicious slow cooked ribs- we make them to make bacon and honey-baked ham! My point is that they’re not wasted. We eat a lot of pig. And most of the pig too.

  6. I knew when I saw this in my inbox this morning there would be a whole slew of haters ready to bash the omnivores of the awesome world.

    I can’t imagine finding happiness in taking time out of my day for the sole purpose of saying something hateful, condescending, and judgmental to someone [everyone?] who comes here to experience and share in life’s awesome little joys. Seems decidedly unawesome to me. Major props to those disagreers who were able to rationally and coherently express their opinions. :)

    That being said …

    I really am going to stop reading this blog. That whole condiments/hot dog thing really just did me in.

    P.S. KIDDING! Go bacon!

    1. Glad you finally joined in the party, Laura! I was worried when we didn’t see you for most of the day that we’d lost you because of this post, since you’re so easily offended and all..

      P.S. KIDDING! Go Laura! :)

  7. To the people who won’t return because of a few pictures of meat:
    Don’t ever go to the grocery store – NewsFlash – they sell meat!
    Don’t eat out at restaurants – they also sell meat!
    Don’t watch tv – they may show commercials of people eating meat.
    Don’t ever talk to anyone – they may have eaten meat.
    I don’t think Neil will miss you, he’s got lots of loyal followers. Bye bye.

  8. i am a vegetarian and when i saw this post i laughed out loud. it is not offensive. if neil put he loved pizza, i am sure we would all agree, even if the picture had bacon or meat on it. i love me a good sub and subs always make me go ‘awesome’ so let everyone have their opinions about what foods they love. everyone should lighten up and just enjoy this site. i dont agree with every post, as all humans differ, but it is simply awesome to see his enthusiam for life, and food, and laughter, and everything else in between.

  9. The prosciutto looks an awful lot like a bicycle seat, and since my best friends are bicycles, I’m going to have to act offended and crusade for justice. Neil, you’ve gone too far. You leave me with no choice but to be an annoying pain in the ass on a regular basis, not to be confused with a bicycle seat…

    1. mmmm… that looks like the most delicious bicycle seat of all time..

      Whether it is Prosciutto or Serrano or any other type of cured ham, I am ALL over it.. I would one day love to have one of those giant aged ham legs hanging from my kitchen, where I could just slice off paper thin prosciutto at a moments notice..

  10. Okay…even though I can hardly eat a tablespoon of any meat, mainly because of my digestive system, I love a bbque rib or two every summer, A ham and scalloped potatoes, traditionally at Easter, AND
    scrumptious Scallops wrapped in bacon 2-3x/year!
    It’s a free world here I hear and I do believe every one of you, whether you’re still here or not, gotta’ get something outta’ this one… one way or another…so hear ye, hear ye, I have a story to tell,
    When I attended my husband’s first family festivity, I was not forwarned… drooling ghouls came running into the kitchen, their excitement uncontainable, my screams and gagglia barely unrefrainable, as there on the table was the main course, PIGS FEET!
    Smothered in gelatin, they proceeded to doust in vinegar and ketchup.
    They said anyone who doesn’t eat them are plain rude. I am both. I got on my own two feet, ran down the street and went to bed with nothing to eat!
    I do love “Wilber” and it’s music to my ears to hear my darling little grandchildren giggle to “This little piggy went to market!”
    All the farts, snot, barf, or meat could not make me lose my appetite for the fire in my belly, the wind beneath at my back…the heart, the soul, feel and heal…this is one of the happiest places in the world for me and it’s all because of Neil… still “TEERRIIFFIICC”-ally AWESOME:)

  11. ok, that’s weird, my husband said he deleted the first one before posting-said it very rude. now I’ve really done it:)

  12. hmm… So of the ~120 comments thus far, I count 15 (I think) who are in disagreement with the awesome thing of the day. Of those, many are along the lines of “I don’t agree, but whatever” and only a few are threatening to leave because of the post. Of the remaining 105 comments, the majority (I didn’t count, but scroll for yourself and you’ll easily see) are either complaining about the handful of people who are “shoving their opinions down our throats” or joking (often quite insensitively, IMO) about a vegetarian’s core beliefs.

    So a few people are offended by this post because it goes against their own morals, and they spoke up about it. Why are so many more people SO opposed to this?

  13. I have never read this blog previously. A friend of mine linked this page to me. I love pig meat! It’s fabulous! But, both my mother and my sister are vegetarian. Or, whatever the term is that means they eat fish and eggs and cheese and such, but not pig, cow, chicken, etc. I love vegetarian dishes. I love fruits and veggies. I love meat, and all the things it’s turned into.

    What I don’t really appreciate is when some of the people who didn’t enjoy this post responded to positive comments with “Oh, you must be American”. Yes. yes I am, thank you very much. Yes, I like meat. But, I like lots of other things. No, I’m not overweight. And my nationality being used as an insult is really hurtful to me, personally. And I, personally, have never insulted anyone else based on their nationality, as hard as that is to believe. I’m sorry for making such a whiny sounding post, especially since it’s my first, but I get very tired of having my nationality being used as an insult and a derogatory term.

    That being said, I loved this post and I hope this blog stays totally awesome! I know I’m going to keep enjoying it!

  14. It would be good to listen to both sides–pros and cons–of any issue.
    But I do not think the same is true here.
    Here, I hope that people just understand the intention of the writer
    for the goodness of ourselves. Like thinking that there are numerous awesome things around us which we haven’t had chance to appreciate.


  15. I work with pigs everyday..I wouldn’t say they are a smart animal, but I care about them!
    And how do you even know if they have feelings if you can’t measure it? You have no idea if they do or don’t, so I wouldn’t post that unless you can prove it.

    And pigs give us a lot, more than just food; and to millions of people going hungry every day, I’m sure they would LOVE to have all the pork that all the vegetarians don’t want!

  16. Om nom– bacon~

    You know what? After reading this post…
    I’ll be reading all future posts as well!

    Because I’m not crazy enough to think that, for instance, just because there is the previous mention of loving clothing, which admittedly is often made using child labor and taking advantage of the third world, all of which are against my moral beliefs, that it somehow means Neil is pro child labor. But if I was that crazy then– go nakedness! Nakedness is awesome and will save those poor, third world children from sewing up my t-shirts. I’d also, of course, stop reading this blog out of protest at the mention of this clothes loving man that is ruining the world, and try to make him feel horrible about not being intensely involved in this issue and having all the same beliefs as me.

    And boo for being a fat American that in anyway thinks of food as something to enjoy rather than simply a means for survival. Boo.

    Yum– bacon… Yup, still thinking it. Bad fattie–bad.

  17. This is one of the few times that I will absolutely disagree with you. Pork is disgusting, I am not a vegetarian or anything but it’s just gross and although I am not Jewish or Muslim, I feel bad for the students at my college that are because they like to put bacon and sausage and things like that in everything which is inconsiderate.

    Shoulda chose CHICKEN

  18. seriously, all of you who think that my previous post “shoved my believes down throats” and what have you not.. seriously? it didn’t!
    however, if you think that this one does, i won’t blame you.

    not very long ago (white) people thought slavery was awesome too, that didn’t make it right.. just give it some time and people will realize that using and abusing animals in the way that society does today isn’t very awesome either. it’s the exact same thing as slavery, even worse, with the slight difference that the creatures we take advantage of today aren’t black humans, they’re animals.

    educate yourselves, people.

    1. Not all Daniel just those who choose to follow a dictate from an old book.
      I know Muslims who eat pork and love it and then there are all the Christians who choose to ignore that part of their Bible that tells them what to eat and what not to eat so you see it is really just the choice of each indivdual. No god has smote anyone for eating pork.

      1. Some people can make decisions without religion. And some people value religion, which you are openly mocking.

        1. Sorry if I offended you or ‘mocked you’ but just pointing out fact.
          I do not know myself any Jew who has eaten pork but I have enjoyed a pig roast with a Muslim who went back for seconds and I think even a third helping of crackle.
          As for Christians I do not know any who abide by Leviticus Ch 11.
          Do you?
          Most religious people pick the parts of their good book that suit them and ignore the rest. Pointing that out is not mocking just stateing a fact.
          And if I was wrong about any god ‘smoting’ someone for eating pork please tell me when and where this happened because I believe it to be a factual statement too.

  19. So, I wrote my post almost immediately following the original. Yes, I disagree with Neil. I think this may be awesome to him. I do think that Neil is smart enough to acknowledge that this “awesome” would generate a heated discussion. Now, that being said, it is a blog. You read, form an opinion and discuss it. I stated my opinion, I just don’t care for bacon. I love animals but love food too. I understand the food chain, personal decisions, etc. Through personal experience, I’ve seen how animals are raised for food, it’s terrible. I’m not here to sway anyone’s beliefs. I know how lean pigs are. I spent 5 years in animal sciences and 17 years running in veterinary medicine. In this topic, I do have a little authority. I think with the rise of heart disease, high cholesterol and obesity in America that encouraging people to make poor nutritional decisions is just not awesome. Grilled pork chops are one thing, bacon wrapped sausage with a side of mayonaise is another. I’m gonna go have a salad and some French fries. Jk

  20. Anyone who doesn’t get a kick out of this amazing concept- including #300, should check where their sense of humour went!

    I stumbled across this book by total accident, asked for it for Christmas and it is proudly displayed where it truly belongs- THE ESSENTIAL BATHROOM READER!!!

    1000 Awesome things ROCKS!!!

  21. Yeah, totally awesome, such pig food. Hmmmm yeah… keeping a mother pig in a tiny box throughout all her life except for forced insemination and then tying her down, leaving her completely immobile, as soon as the piglets are born so that she doesn’t crush them. Awesome! Stuffing those piglets with food and medication until they grow so fast that their inner organs can’t even cope with the fat masses anymore. Awesome! Keeping them in small dark cages without daylight for a few months and then cramming them into a truck to transport them to a slaughterhouse. Awesome! Killing them, eating them – AWESOME!

    PS: I used to really like your blog, but it’s a shame that it’s now part of the incredibly stupid “bacon is so cool” meme.

    1. Really, it is reading too much into an innocent observation about so many foods made out of one type of meat. The Pig is already long dead in this story. The post never even said ” bacon is so cool”. Just an observation of how different the food looks : big chunky pork chops & crispy pork rind : All from the same source of meat. I found it intriguing & I am a vegetarian.
      Let us not throw out the Baby with the bath water, please.

  22. Heated public discourse about bacon in the midst of worldwide upheaval, devastation and genocide = awesome!

  23. It was so obvious that all the vegetarians would come out at this one. Look people you aren’t going to convince anyone to convert so why start an argument?
    Also can someone tell me how to insert an image? Do I put around the URL of the image?

  24. I would just like to point out that if people can post their views on why eating pork is so awesome, then it is only fair that people can also post their views on why eating pork is not so awesome. Right?

  25. Seems that my critical comment from yesterday has been censored. I guess this one will be removed as well… I don’t mean to spam the comments section but I didn’t see an option to write to the website admins only. I admit my comment was sarcastic and hateful, but there was no personal insult in it or anything, so I am surprised it got removed. Well it was fun reading your website until now (I even bought the book), but I won’t visit it anymore, so goodbye.

    1. Argh, never mind, I just found it. Don’t flame me… I think my search function didn’t work, sorry everyone.

  26. Just saying, it is not all vegetarians who oppose this post. I don’t care for it because I keep kosher, therefore I don’t eat any pork.

  27. What about jello? Delicious!! The best part of hospital food is the jello. And non-pork eaters can’t eat most jello. Not kosher.

    But yummy!

  28. CK, Milhaud is right, it’s not fat that does everyone damage but carbs and sugar. Neil, LOVE this blog by the way! I’m going to order the books from amazon :)

  29. Therefore comes to healthy eating. Incidentally, these delicious dishes to eat in moderation. www. konyv-konyvek.hu/book_images/67a/117282567a.jpg

  30. All I have to say to the self righteous vegetarians, where is this so called ‘insensitive’ post ? HELLO ! Some people eat meat, and if they didn’t the animals would be killed for no reason, and therefore produce more waste etc. Get over yourselves seriously, I can’t relate to all the posts here but I don’t go complaining about American holidays being insensitive just because I’m British… ugh.

    P.S BACON :D nom

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