#311 Finding out what song is in that commercial

Your brain is glue.

Long after the cars are finished off-roading up a mountainside or speeding around a cliffside bend the jingle-jangly tune that accompanied those smooth rolling moments is still smooth rolling around your head.

Yes, it bumps around your brain at the office and you find yourself finger-tapping the steering wheel home. It jumps around your brain in the shower and you find yourself humming when you’re all alone. So maybe you search online for broken lyrics until you find spam-filled discussion boards full of other people looking for the same tune.

But that’s what makes it so great when you ask your friends, you wait for it again, you look online, and eventually find those few blissful minutes of soul-strumming


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50 thoughts on “#311 Finding out what song is in that commercial

  1. And it’s even more awesome when it’s an obscure band you’re into and you already recognize the song! Of course that also means that they’ve gone mainstream. But you discovered them first 😛

  2. OOOH YES! Cannot believe how long it took me to find where this song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NOiOxNkGB0) was from. After watching those Travel Nevada ads on YouTube, I spent a few weeks singing “the sun shines brightly on my knees” over and over (since I didn’t catch the rest of the chorus and the internet failed my search for the original song). I legitimately tried to view more videos-with-ads because I wanted to hear it again. AWESOME.

  3. Oh! That just happened to me with Target. They keep using a Starf****er song in all their ads and it’s a great song.

  4. Oh I like this, unless I can’t think of the name of the song….then it’s definitely not awesome. :(

    Right now I know what the most awesome thing is for me, putting on warm clothes on a cold morning. :)

      1. I agree – the detective work is half the fun..

        but if I get really stumped, I just use the Shazam app on my phone.. This app is crazy smart..

        It takes all the mystery out of tracking down music.. you just use the app while a song is on, and it will tell you what song it is, almost instantly.. pretty crazy stuff..

        1. I LOVE Shazam!! I use it all the time. A lot of times, I’ll even do it on a song I know just so I’ll remember to download it later.

        2. I hate those times when you look for hours, days, months but still can’t find the song you are looking for. It just drive you mad you eventually can’t think of anything else.

  5. Not just with commercials, but tv programmes as well. When something plays in the background and I’m humming it and then have to try and find it. When I do, that’s awesome!

  6. Oh my gosh, yes. It drives me INSANE to know part of a song I’ve heard/liked and not know 1) the song title, 2) the whole song, and 3) who sings it.

    You described the scenario perfectly. After an extreme Googling session and time spent combing through borderline-shady areas of the interwebs, you are somehow able to piece it together just enough to search for the song on iTunes or YouTube and hopefully experience song success! Love it!

  7. My mom told me that when I was about 3 years old, I would sing EVERY commercial from TV at the time. I thought, oh, how cute….then I thought, oh, how annoying for her to put up with. LOL I think I did it in the car with the radio as well.

  8. There’s been an unidentified tune in my head for a few months now. I think its from a Kindle commercial… that’s never on anymore. ) :

  9. I loveeeee finding out the names of songs. Sometimes, it takes me years (literally) to find the name. But when I do… man… there is no greater feeling!

    I had an mp3 labeled as “id.mp3” on my HD for years. Since probably 2005/2006. I would always search for the lyrics, ask on message boards, etc. So, finally, I decided to try Shazam, thinking there was no way it would work. It did. I was smiling for days.

  10. I’d add to this awesome thing figuring out what song was playing in a store. Sometimes this is how I’ll discover a new track, or be reminded of an old fav.

  11. scratching the itch untill it don’t itch no more… or having someone scratch your itch in the right place? awesome!

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