24 thoughts on “#72 Finding an old toy from your childhood

  1. Mrs. Beasley doll, tea set, & my favorite childhood books…Little Princess, Little House in the Big Woods. Safely tucked into a box in the basement, they’re awaiting new keepers…grandchildren. :)

  2. A Bus! Big and small, my love for buses was enormous. But it was and is second two my true love: peanut butter. Peanut butter will always be there for me and I for it.

  3. Did you just seriously put Heman up there? I love it! I had one.
    I don’t know what happened to my old toys. I haven’t seen any since I moved out of my mom’s house. She moved right after I moved and I guess all my stuff got left behind.
    Hubby’s old toys is at his mom’s house. He sees them all the time…and he’s usually upset because his nephews got ahold of them and broke them.

  4. We are cleaning our attic and yesterday I found my old stuffed panda bear. I had it when I was about 7 or 8 and that was 50 years ago. I still remember it though.

  5. Yes, nostalgia! Books: “Noddy and friends in Noddy-land.” (that’s Noddy, not naughty)! “When we were young.” & “Now we are six.” both classics by A.A. Milne. “Off to school,” my first reader, with Janet, John and little Anne; Buttons and Lucky too. Which reminds me of another awesome…the moment I realized I could read! I can still tap into that joyful sensation!
    And a little red doll cradle my real grandpa made me along with a Raggedy Anne. At one time all my treasures were gone. I have found same and similars while thrift shopping, to uplift spirits and share as I do today:)
    Finding an old childhood toy, is blissful joy!
    Thanks Neil! Monsieur Cabinet~ Awe-mazing illustration!

  6. I too replace mis-placed treasures. It’s an awesome treasure hunt!
    “What a score. What a find!” I recently said when someone scoffed, “At your age!” Then I read this: ~It’s never too late to have a happy childhood. The second one is entirely up to you and no one else!~
    I smiled. And I am=D

  7. Truly awesome ! My sister and I had this thing when we were growing up.. Whenever we lost a toy we tell ourselves that “They are on a vacation abroad”… When we get it back somehow , we call it “coming back from vacation”..It was the best feeling!!

  8. He-Man!! Great cartoon, plus his real name was Adam (same as mine). To be fair though I like the transformer toys better. Dinobots and Constructacons were my favorites.

  9. I Miss my GI Joe action figures, as well as Thundercats. My nephews will never understand me that these we’re toys way before Playstation ever came out.

  10. I was THRILLED when I found my JYGANTOR mini mouse toy even though all the terror she put me through growing up as a kid, D: always feared she’d kill me in my sleep thnx to chuckie >.<

  11. In my bedroom closet is one of my favorite toys from my childhood. My Aunt Joan got me this toy when I was very young. It is a Mr Ed puppet. There is a box sewn inside and a string you pull for the sayings. He says “Hello I’m Mr Ed” “My girlfriend has a ponytail” and several other things. Mr Ed was a show from the 60’s and Aunt Joan and I loved that show. My Mom love to tell people I took Mr Ed with me almost everywhere he even went to the doctors office we got a clean bill of health together and vaccines if necessary.

  12. Greetings! Very helpful advice within this post! It’s the little changes which will make the greatest changes. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Last week I was looking for some toys that I didn’t need anymore. My closet was really full and my mother and I decided to donate some of them to poor children that need them more than I do. There were a lot of toys that I didn’t remember, but then I found a little doll, which was my favourite one when I was a child. I looked at her and remembered a day that I played with her. It was very special for me. I brushed her hair and washed her clothes, and now she’s going to stay at my bed, with me. :-)

  14. Awesome! It happened to me a few days ago. Found my favorite and first toy from my childhood, an old Buzzlightyear! That moment was so special, all the good memories from my childhood that i divided were with that toy. What i like about this post, is that it made me remember when i was a kid i used to be happy for simple things and i always was so happy about everything! =)

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