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    1. And, when I’m having a busy in house office day, the sounds of crumpling papers, ringing phones and other electronics make my cat, Sasha go wild! There’s something about the fax machine, (mainly incoming), she’s extremely intense about literally overseeing! Add a knock on the door, delivery and such, she’s pouncing off the furniture! When the waste paper basket is full, she knocks it over, empties it really fast and then bolts all over the house! There are wood floors and stairs involved! To top it off she’s polydactyl and sounds like a miniature horse pouncing about! Witnesses have said, if there’s such a thing, she must have been a secretary in a past life! Sometimes she “Wiigs” right out- always entertaining!

      1. I know! Does she ever do this when you’re sitting at your desk? You know, you’ve just finished writing a concerned letter to the editor or a short speech with a valuable message when suddenly up jumps your cute calico, expectantly pussy footing over all your good work and purring loudly? Silly, loveable cat :)

        1. Never! Her fur is straight back! Far too busy to lay around purring:)
          Another thing she did when I first adopted her from the animal shelter, she brought me a damsel dragon-fly. How she knew they held an awesome significance in my life, I’ll never know. I’m certain she was touched by an angel! Although bitter-sweet, I had to look her straight in those emerald green eyes and tell her no dragon-flies should die for me to know she’s loves me.
          Last time I was sick for 2 weeks, I had to leave her with a friend she normally adores. She refused to let anyone near her; growled, hissed and even scratched. She went wild, peed on her clothing and bed 2x. When she brought her back Sasha literally curled up in a fetal position, on my chest for at least 1/2 an hour and purred loud as a train!
          She REALLY loves me…I guess!

          1. We had our Casey for 19 years, he to did not want to be taken care of by anyone else but us.When his time a large hole was left in our hearts,but we can still feel the love he gave us all those years. Yes Sasha loves you.

          2. @Magda…ps. sound as though your Calico knows when the work is done and the time is right to fade into you<3

    1. Me, too! I adore my cat! Cats make life so much fun! I never outgrew my girlhood love of cats and have had cats ever since. A memorable pet moment occurred when my cat tried to reach into the bathtub when it was filled with water and accidently get soaking wet. It’s about time cats get their due for their awesome antics! Love @ Neil for remembering our feline friends in the list of awesome!

  1. I was just looking at wikipedia today and they’re offline because of SOPA.

    You should post about how awesome the internet is, for all it’s faults it’s still a great place. :)

    1. Mine does too!!! His name is Jack. Every time he looks at me he has some hilarious expression on his face, and whenever he’s really excited and we don’t know why, he runs at top speed throughout the house, dashing around chair and table legs and darting into one room and straight out again 😀 haha <3

  2. A couple of months ago my cat woke me in the middle of the night because he’d managed to get a plastic carrier bag handle stuck over his head and was dragging the bag around after him. He looked at me like ‘I know I’m stupid, you know I’m stupid, please take it off and we’ll never speak of it again…..’

    He is AWESOME 😀

  3. I’m more of a dog person, but my brother and I have been at his friend’s place a lot lately and they have this beautiful cat called Bella <3 She is really beautiful and gentle and so funny. I was swimming in their pool yesterday and then had to go in their toilet to get changed, and Bella followed me in! I came back outside then ran in and closed the door so she couldn't get in. She kept pawing at the door (aww bless!) as I was getting changed, and I didn't notice as she actually pawed under the door and grabbed my bikini bottoms and pulled them out from under the door! hahahaha! Aww she is so cuteeee <3

  4. So funny you post this today. My cat stole my work ID badge (unbeknown to me). After looking everywhere, I gave up. This morning, he had pushed it under my bedroom door. He’s only done that once before. When I got him a new collar, he spent hours trying to take it off. Once successful, he returned it to me. Such a silly, thoughtful cat!! =D

  5. like when they get stuck in a box with radioactive material and a geiger counter attached to a hammer that will smash a tube of poison?

    1. Ok… here’s something that just seriously made my day. I clicked on the link you have there Kathy to see your cat, but my page wouldn’t load all they way. My computer has been really messing up lately and I can’t see most of the pictures, which sucks because I can’t even use google maps now. I don’t know what’s wrong with it. Anyway.. sometimes I can copy the empty box where they picture is and I’ll paste it onto Word. So I tried this with your cat picture, but then my computer locked up and I had to shut Word down. I completely gave up on seeing your cute picture so I went back to work. I was working on a really improtant Excel spreadsheet. I went to copy something from my spreadsheet and instead of hitting ‘copy’ I clicked on ‘paste’ instead….. and up popped the picture of your cat with a bag on its head right spack dab in the middle of my spreadsheet. I laughed and laughed. Funniest thing I’ve seen in a while, and so unexpected!

      1. OMG, Bekah! That was a hilarious story!!! Thank you for spending the time to tell it. Made my freaking day. I’m sorry, tho, that my pictures didn’t load. But I’m delighted that my baghead Calvin showed up in a totally unexpected place. AWESOME!

    2. Love the camouflage against the Gateway pc box and the action shot with mirror is totally awesome!

      Bekah – that was a funny story.

      1. Mary — Thank you for saying so. I love both of those shots too. Our sweet Stinky passed away last year at the ripe old age of 18. I still have dreams about her. I miss her so much. I remember sending that Gateway picture to Gateway. They never wrote me back. Should have. It might have been a great marketing idea if they had a clue.

  6. If I might respectfully add a comment here for future consideration, I know the intention is mostly good, but gagging a cat, placing it in a paper bag and then relentlessly poking it with all kinds of sharp, unpleasant and invasive instruments (without space to breath or its FULL knowledge and consent) may not be the most appropriate approach. It is bound to terrify and panic even the most docile of creatures. Happily my best friend is a professional in this so I know, as do we all, that this kind of assessment is not valid.

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