#37 Old people acting like little kids

Things to do when we get old:

1. Run up staircases.

2. Laugh so hard we snort and then laugh some more.

3. Make funny faces at little kids on the bus.

4. Run on snowy sidewalks and slide across frozen puddles.

5. Start laughing out loud when anyone farts in public.

6. Jump through sprinklers in the backyard with our arms out like an airplane and screaming.

7. Wear a birthday hat all day on our birthday.

8. Make up games that make sense for about ten minutes.

9. Build gigantic couch cushion forts in the middle of the living room.

10. Blow bubbles in our chocolate milk.

11. Go to loud concerts, get close to the stage, and sing along.

12. Wear mismatching socks with bright colors.

13. Paint our faces when we go see a big sports event.

14. Eat pizza and stay up late playing video games till our eyes hurt.

15. Stay in bed till noon on Saturday.

16. Chug Cokes and have burping contests.

17. Make sweatpants our Default Pants.

18. Play on old, dangerous playground equipment.

19. Cannonball into swimming pools.

20. Think wild thoughts and love all the little pleasures that make life


Photos from: here and here