#39 That one really nice guy at work

Work can be stressful.

Big deadlines and late nights, tough customers and tough fights, and killer projects that mean try as you might, you can’t get it right. Toss in confusing plans and traffic jams and sometimes you’re spinning, gninnips, spinning, dizzy and alone, in cubicle unknowns.

That’s what makes that one really nice guy at work so great.

Now, down at my office we’ve got Sam The A/V Guy.

Sam’s a bit scruffy, smiles a lot, and wears unbuttoned polo shirts and running shoes every day. He sets up sound and video, makes sure conference calls work, but really … he does so much more. He asks about your weekend and swings by Monday morning to see how it went. He smiles and laughs in the hallway and puts everyone in a great mood. He says yes all the time and breaks through office clutter to remind us the world is a pretty simple place.

Smile lots, say hi in the hallways, and treat everyone the same.

Because at the end of the day the best leaders might not wear the sharpest suits, fanciest shoes, or pointiest ties.

More often than not they’re just the really nice guys.

I say when we look back on our lives, when the company goes bust, when the rat race is over, it’s that really nice guy we trust. So love him today, love what he says, listen to him forever, and make sure to tell him he’s


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