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  1. I knew I would miss having 1000 Awesome Things to read once it was over, so I made a new blog, 1000moreawesomethings.wordpress.com/, as a kind of sequel. I doubt I can make it as great as this one, but I’ll try. First post goes up tomorrow!

        1. I stopped by and there’s nothing. Are you still going to do this? I think it’d be a great idea. Especially to have 2 blogs stem off of this one…

  2. Hey Neil.

    I couldn’t make it to Tornonto. I wanted so much to be there.

    I expected this to be like, I dunno, like Life (not the board game) or Happiness or something.

    For some reason, I didn’t cry at this post like I expected to. I was just so happy.

    You have no IDEA how much this blog means to me. So I’m hoping the special announcement is a new blog.

    I don’t even know how to thank you.

    Cookie? (:::)

    1. What kind of cookie?
      Its anything we want it to be… if you want it to be life, then its life. It won’t be accompanied by Neil’s witty writing, but anything you think should be #1, is #1.

          1. Yeah, I totally stole that line from Freddo, but it had to be said! Seriously, where’s the cookies? lol

            1. Yeah, I’m with you on the cookies. Though I do enjoy my newly found Nutella, I’d still love a plate of cookies! nyum, nyum, nyum!

                1. There’s a Nutella cake too. Somewhere in these hundreds of comments is a link to a recipe. I can’t wait to try it out! Must try them both…possibly at the same time. Chocolate overload? No, there’s no such thing, silly.

                  1. yeah I saw that! Although I didnt have time to look at the recipe. Ill keep it in mind though, for this year’s birthday party… ahh, actually, I’m not having a sweet 16th. That’s right. (My friends and I have a running joke that I am NOT havign a party this year because they are organising me a surprise party that I asked for last year aha). So yeah, maybe ill make it and eat it on Outward Bound on my birthday this year.

  3. I was at the book signing yesterday! and was on a personal high as walked to Union station. I had a big smile on my face… probably bigger then the one I would have had if I just had met the president… because… it is the little things that matter to me. And you wonderful idea of counting down to the #1 was just….. AWESOME…

    I’m so glad I had the opportunity to be there last night!

    All the best in your future travels ;-)

  4. Wow. I’ve been reading this blog for just over a year now and I can honestly say that it has changed my life. Thank you so much for being so inspiring to so many people. I have laughed, I have cried, I have been so affected by this blog. Hands down the best and most awesome blog out there! I didn’t know I’d be so emotional seeing this thing come to an end but as I read #1 and the comments, I can’t stop crying. It feels like losing a very dear friend. It’s been a heck of journey and I am so thankful to have been a part of it. I won’t stop finding and appreciating all the awesome things this life has to offer! Neil- you definitely should be on this list because you are incredibly AWESOME. I know I’m not alone in saying that your words have touched my heart and changed my life in only the best ways. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  5. Neil! What a great way to end off the blog. I have been following your blog since about the 800th awesome thing. I have had the privilege of meeting you at a book signing in Toronto for your ‘The Book of (Even More) Awesome’ and I heard you speak at the Queen’s University Leadership Conference this past February. Thank you so much for inspiring me to find the awesome in everything. Good luck in your future endeavours, which I’m sure will be awesome!!

  6. This has been the most enjoyable ride of my life. Thank you for taking me from Sophomore year of High School to Freshman year of College. <3 Thank you for steering me through. I've been here since #980 and the end has never felt sweeter. Thank you, Neil, for being AWESOME!

  7. In all these years I’ve never commented but today I realized how much Im going to miss waking up to this website everyday. Thank you so much for years of laughter and making me think about the little things.

    For the rest of my life I don’t think ill take plastic off of a electronic without pausing first to remember this blog.

    When I woke up this morning on the way to work i discovered that I had just enough peanut butter in the jar to make my morning toast…AWESOME

  8. Thanks Neil – you have made the last 1000 (weekdays) a little brighter and lot more awesome. You’ve made me appreciate things I never thought about You are simply awesome!

  9. Neil
    I just want to say Thank You. Since finding this blog over 3 years ago I have checked it religiously, even gotten sad when there was nothing new on the weekends. I have turned to this blogs and your books when I was sad and they have always cheered me up. Thanks for keeping a smile on our faces and I look forward to June’s Announcement. I will keep the awesome going.

  10. Thanks Neil for all your thoughts and work. I only discovered your blog this morning, I wish I had a long time ago, from reading The Star online. What I’ve read so far is inspiring and uplifting. I have a lot of catching up to do. And the comments from your readers, regular and irregular, are great as well. I have so many AWESOMEs but, one I’m looking forward to, hopefully, is going to Toronto in August to see Bruce Springsteen (a dream I’ve had for a long long time), each for the first time.

    Take care and all the best, and thanks again.

  11. I spent the whole day wondering what #1 could be… and that was perfect. Thankyou so much Neil!

  12. I think of the things I’m most grateful to you for, Neil, is for allowing me to realize awesome things that happen in my life that I might have taken advantage of or overlooked. On multiple occasions, like rainy days and when my lost wallet was returned, I was so caught up in the moment that I didn’t stop to think how awesome the moment was. It was a little freaky, at times, to see you post something that I had experienced just the day before, but it also allowed me to realize how we, as humans, are all connected by the awesome things in life. Reading your blog as a college girl away from home has made me smile on stressful or home-sick afternoons. I’m forever grateful for your work and for you.

    Thanks, Neil! You are the #1 AWESOME thing today :)

    1. That’s been a big thing to me, too: we’re all connected by the awesome in life. I love how this connects us…we’re all just human beings trying to figure our way through life and find some happiness along the way. Those moments of happiness along the way are most often the little awesomes we don’t always even notice.

  13. Ok, so maybe I’ve never commented before but in someways I kind of feel that I know a lot of you guys already from your delightful, witty and inspiring (sometimes very Nootella based) comments (Oh my Gid I can’t believe I just said Nootella) ;) I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Neil because it has been about 2 years since I found this blog and it has been firmly on my favourites list ever since then. I have so enjoyed coming in from a tiring day of school, having a cup of tea and logging on to find the latest awesome thing! It’s carried my through the good days and the bad, exams, birthdays and christmas’ and has never failed to make my life a little more awesome and recently a lot of my friends have also shared in that awesome too :) So it is with great reluctance I approached this week of goodbyes but poor Neil can’t carry on forever :p And if I may I would very much like to join all of the Awesome Community on this site: http://1000awesomefriends.org/ and I really hope this works out! So I would just like to say a huge thank you to all of you for making a random girls life that much better :) Thanks!

    1. I hope it works out too. Its a great place for us to talk and keep the awesome going. A facebook page would have been nice, but I think a blog is a great way to carry on with the awesomeness of this blog.

  14. Hi, Neil! Thanks for the years of Awesome Things. They were enjoyed every morning that I followed this blog and are truly appreciated.
    Having something you do make a mark on the whole world – AWESOME! (and overwhelming when you realize it!)

  15. My most awesome thing is that you’ve completed your task…I am sooo looking forward to sitting down now, reading the 1000 awesome things in their entirety and comparing,reminicsing and laughing at my life!!! ;)

  16. Thank you for this amazing trip along those 1000 awesome things, i’d followed you for 2 years now, i’m sad that this adventure in now over. Simply Thank You

    A french fan

  17. Thanks Neil for inspiring me to never take the little things in life for granted. You’re AWESOME!

  18. I used to check the newest awesome thing every day……I loved it when I could stay up until midnight and check out the latest entry before going to bed. Then about two years ago life stopped for me as I knew it and ceased being awesome. I just started back here about a week ago and discovered that, even if normal is defined in a whole new way, there are still so many things that can delight us all. I think that today’s post was perfect, exactly the way that it should be. Your awesome may not be my awesome, but we can all agree that it’s been a hell of a journey. I consider myself blessed to have shared this time with all of you and the laughter and thoughtfulness that Neil provided for us. Well done Sir!!!

    1. Hi Winegirl, I remember you from way back when you used to comment. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been through a dark time in your life. Welcome back to the land of awesome!

  19. I am from Bulgaria and have been reading the blog regulary for only about a year but went back and read everything from the beginning.
    The first thing I’d usually do in the morning would be to sit down with a cup of coffee and open my email – and there it is – the next awesome post! Neil has made so many days better! One of the “awesomest” things for me was to start the day with Neil’s blog!

    Wish you luck and we are expecting what’s coming next!

  20. Neil, i’ve been following your blog since you have started it. Every single weekday i would jump out of bed and run straight to my computer to see whats awesome in the awesome countdown. When i first started doing this daily routine i was going through a very hard time in my life. This site truly saved me from those dark times. And being part of this blog, reading your books sharing all of these things to my friends and family’s is the #1 thing for me. Just knowing that i have something to look forward to on a scary day made me happy. And when today i woke up and realized that this countdown was finally over, it scared me. But as soon as i saw number one i felt all right. And you have inspired me so much past the few years that i just want to thank you for creating a list that unknowingly changed my life as well of the life’s of others. You may have even gave me some great ideas for stories (im a writer, but nothing professional).

    1. I’m glad this could help bring you back up, Julie. Reminders that life really is awesome is something we need every now and then. I hope you continue to hold your head up high and you continue in your own way to find some awesome in your every day life.

  21. The number one thing should be the fact that the glass is technically always full.
    Half O2, and half H2O. :D

  22. Thank you. You brought a lot of happy memories and thoughts to people. I am one f those people. I really enjoyed reading through your 1000 Awesome Things. :)

  23. This blog has made immensely happy, and have helped me see the best in the world. I truly thank you for that. :)

  24. Using #1 to shine a light on the readers and make them the stars of the last post, and then stepping into the comments to just be one of the community members and express gratitude.. AWESOME!

  25. Thank you for 1000awesomethings.com Neil!

    This countdown coming to an end feels like saying goodbye to a dear friend :(

    Thank you for touching my heart and brightening my days :)


  26. Wow. All I have to say is wow, and thank you.
    You are an amazing writer and I hope to hear from you again someday. Every morning I truly looked forward to seeing something new, laughing out loud enough that people around me stared, and sometimes even crying a little. You are optimism and perseverance at it’s fullest, and I really think that the rest of the world should take a lesson from this blog.
    Keep up the AWESOME!
    Taylor :)

  27. this list is awesome and i check it everyday and i love all of them, but am i the only one who was a little disappointing in the number one awesome thing?

  28. Hi Neil, I’ve been following this blog for about a year and a half and I have to say that your manner of such detailed wording kicked it up several notches for me. No other blog I’ve read can have me reminiscing, laughing & nodding my head(like someone can see me).
    Just wanna say thanks for being the AWESOMEMEST blogger on the ‘net!!
    Godspeed to all of your future endeavors.

  29. Thank you, Neil!!! You helped me focus on the good when all I could see was the crud. Here’s to old playground equipment, baby toes, and drinking from the hose. Awesome!

  30. I can’t believe we’ve come down to #1!
    It’s been a real pleasure reading your posts every morning these past few years, Neil; thanks so much for helping us appreciate the little things in life that we normally wouldn’t take notice of. You’re a gifted writer, and have been such an inspiration! I will never tire of re-reading 1000 Awesome Things.
    All the best!
    ps: I hope you make it on to the Ellen show! We need to spread the word of Awesome!

  31. at the moment, bible school is truly AWESOME. i dont think i could ask for better.

    i cant believe this is your last post. is it your last??? :o

  32. Congratulations, Neil. What a fabulous accomplishment.

    Looking forward to the return of Taut Twisted Tightness.


  33. Neil, I have been with 1,000 Awesome Things since #945 or so (early on) and since then, I have looked forward to my daily Awesome Thing! Now we are all done (at least for now). I met you in Calgary a couple of years ago, you signed my Book of Awesome, and I got to see why you any your blog has been such a great success. Thank-you for putting positive thoughts out there and reminding us why we should be so grateful for the awesome life and world that we live in! You are one of the most awesome people that I have ever met!

    1. I have to thank Mr. Warren as it was on his blog that I first saw a link to this fabulous blog! So, thanks Frank Warren for linking to 1000 Awesome Things!

      1. I found the link to 1000 Awesome Things on PostSecret too! It was when he posted the Awesome Song in early 2010 :) I had just been introduced to PostSecret by my cousins a few weeks prior, then I found 1000 Awesome Things. So really, I have Frank Warren to thank for both sites!!

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