#992 Being the first table to get called up for the dinner buffet at a wedding

Your throneWeddings can go one of two ways.

Either you’re tight like twins with the bride or groom — a sibling maybe, college roommate, or grandmother. You’re on The Inside, recommending photographers, hosting showers, renting tuxes, giving toasts. For you, the wedding is a great day, a proud moment, a chance to recognize and celebrate someone you love dearly.

Or…you’re on The Outside. You’re the groom’s doctor, the bride’s new boss, or worst of all, the cousin-date. You’re only there because it would have been rude not to invite you, so you RSVP past the deadline, squeeze into dress clothes from prom, and drink before the reception. You sit at the back table with a lot of people you don’t know and introduce yourself to at least one half of the newly married couple late at night on the dance floor during Mambo #5. “You look really great,” you scream over Lou Bega’s thumping beats, a nearly full Corona swinging wildly in your hand. “I’m Cory, by the way. I work with Linda.”

If you’re on The Inside, the entire wedding is great for you. You tear up during speeches, take two hundred pictures, and dance until the lights come up, your hair sweat-glued to your forehead, big toes popping through fresh holes in your nylons at two in the morning.

If you’re on The Outside, you’re scoping out bridesmaids, eating other people’s wedding favor chocolates, and ordering off the menu at the bar.

When you’re on The Outside there is no greater wedding high than being the first table to get called up to the dinner buffet. Suddenly you’re on The Inside, honorary winner of the prestigious Gets To Eat Before Everyone Else award, dipping your ladle into Alfredo sauce before it films over, toothpicking meatballs before they congeal into sugary meat pyramids, surgically removing the perfect first triangle of cheesecake before the serving dish gets all gummed up with clumpy graham cracker paste and marischino cherry glue.

Yes, you walk back to your table a newly crowned king, sitting down at your chair-facing-the-bathroom-at-Table-#31 throne, lord and ruler of your much-too-loaded plate buried in rolled up salami cold cuts, potato salad, and gherkins.


Waiting for you

— The Awesome Email of the Week —

“When my daughter asked if I wanted to say a short speech at her wedding this year I jumped at the opportunity although I have trouble speaking in emotional situations.  I decided my speech would be a list of statements followed by ‘AWESOME.’ Unfortunately, my son read my speech beforehand and told me that I should not say this as no one would get it and I would die at the podium. I was worried, reread what I had written and decided I would not change anything as I had written this from my heart.

So the big day came, the ceremony was wonderful and then it came time to say my speech. I pulled the podium over to a step so that I could see everyone as I am very short. My heart was racing and my emotions were running very high. My opening short joke went fine and then it came time for my first line and I got all choked up. I tried so hard to say something but was just too emotional. Suddenly, I felt this overpowering wave of energy coming at me, willing me to say my speech. I tried again and slowly eeked out the words one at a time. I gained some momentum and then when I needed people to say ‘AWESOME’ I took the microphone and pointed it towards the audience like a rock star and to my utter disbelief they all shouted ‘AWESOME.’

I was able to read out each and every statement with total confidence knowing they were all just waiting for their chance to say ‘AWESOME’ each time. When I was done, my son came up to me and told me that I had done a great job. I have never felt so pumped after a speech as I did that night.  Without your blog, I would never have come up with this idea. Thanks for spreading the ‘AWESOME’ around.”

– Karen from Whitby, Ontario, Canada

For submitting The Awesome Email of the Week Karen receives some signed awesome surprises in the mail. Submit your own story and photograph to 1000awesomethings@gmail.com

25 thoughts on “#992 Being the first table to get called up for the dinner buffet at a wedding

  1. Not only is it smashing to be first table called, but the Awesome Email of the Week is terrific! Now I’m left wondering about “…signed awesome surprises in the mail.” Sounds pretty cool, like those parting gifts on old game shows, except better because they’re surprises and they’re awesome!

    1. Wait, what? You’ve never been to a wedding? What do all y’all do down there in Australia – just leave a note and run off together?

      1. Haha, that might be simpler!

        But no, it’s just turned out that I’ve never known anyone close enough to me to warrant an invite — except for a cousin, whose wedding I was unable to attend.

        Probably a good thing. I’m pretty sure I would embarrass myself with all the inevitable blubbering.

  2. Happy 4th of July everyone!!! Can’t wait to throw some ribs on the grill already!

  3. Karen, I’m so glad that you mustered up enough courage to do your speech. Living the idea of getting everyone involved like that, having them day “awesome.”. Most of the wedding I’ve been to are kind of boring… even mine was a bit boring, I admit it. A speech like yours would have livened up the room.
    I’ve only been to 2 weddings with buffets. The first one I went to, I ended up sitting at the table that went to the buffet last. Some of the really good stuff was gone. The second one, I lucked out and got to go up right after the wedding party table. It really wa awesome. All the food was still hot and still there.

  4. Oh Canada! We’ve got the Awesome in our hearts and souls, *that* you just proved, Karen~ Love it~ Awesome:)

  5. I’ve never been to a wedding. It sounds like a lot of work for the people on The Inside. Karen’s e-mail was, well, awesome! That was such a great idea for a speech!

  6. Well I can attest to the awesome speech by Karen – the crowd was totally with her and did their ‘awesome’ participation as if they had we had practiced for hours. A testament to a wonderful celebration all around.

  7. Thanks for all the kind words everyone. I know it seems crazy the coincidence of my email and this posting but this really did happen just a few weeks ago. I will let you know what my surprizes are when I get what Neil has promised. :-)

    1. Karen – I love your story, and the accompanying photos. You are awesome! (I especially love how you totally narc’d on your son for giving you bad advice! ha ha!!)

      1. well to be fair – if my son had not said anything I would not have come up with the idea to make it a participatory speech.

      1. I too am not a public speaker and was asked by my daughter to give a speech. I introduced myself as the M.O.B., Mother Of the Bride. I took a sentimental journey with my daughter, then stressed to her husband, especially once MY grand-babies were born, I’d be *sticking to my guns* in that for the rest of his life he’d be answering to the M.O.B. I too am small so most laughed, while some found it distasteful. I had written it from my heart and with God. My only defense, I hadn’t found awesome yet!

        ***Congratulations on a classy mom and a life ahead full of dreams come true! xoz Awesome:)

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