#922 Getting a trucker to blow their horn

Truckers have the best horns.

Those things mean business. They’re loud and thundering and slap you in the face. None of this itty bitty bee-beep business that sounds less like a hatchback telling you the light turned green and more like a seagull telling other seagulls hey, there’s a guy throwing away crusts over here.

‘Cause sometimes when you’re driving down the highway the hours just keep going and going and going. The mix tape gets old, the conversation dies down, and it’s just a blur of interstate walls and rest station signs out the window. For kids, it must seem like days back there, just strapped right in, fighting with siblings, or just sitting in absolute numbing silence.

That’s why getting a trucker to blow his horn is great. It’s a fun, little interactive break the from the highway monotony and a great laugh. Plus, it’s a time-passer, because you have to get the driver to sort of ease up beside the truck first, which isn’t always easy. So yeah, it’s a nice secret moment on wheels, a honkin’ highway holla, just some good old fashioned bonding in the fast lane.

So let’s give thanks to truckers today. For not taking life too seriously, for indulging our simple pleasures, and for rocking that air horn in a way we like to call



14 thoughts on “#922 Getting a trucker to blow their horn

  1. This is always awesome, it doesn’t matter what your age. I still do it. Its still funny. I’m in the process of trying to teach my kids to do it. My daughter won’t for some reason. I don’t know if she’s afraid, or what… I have to show her just how awesome it really is. And its funny because everyone knows the sign for a trucker to blow their horn.

    1. Me too! Especially the deep roar and rumble when they’re gearing down for a tank hill… awesome sound:)

  2. Anyone who hasn’t done this just doesn’t drive enough! This is one of the rights of passage as a kid. Now that I have kids I have even helped them hone their technique.

  3. My dad was a trucker, so I’ve a special fondness for the folks who move the world on the road. :) Wasn’t it just one of the coolest things when you first learned that you could just flash the request and a generous trucker would honk?! A feeling of exhilaration and power for me as a young girl riding in the backseat!

  4. I love doing this in the car. It is a fun and easy way to pass time. I just don’t know if it’s legal

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