#907 When your favorite sports team is in the big nationally televised game

Maybe you’re the San Diego Chargers fan who watches every game wearing a football helmet and a big foam thumb on your couch. Maybe you’re a diehard freak for the Boston Red Sox, Montreal Canadiens, or Manchester United. Or maybe you can’t stop watching Chinese Taipei’s majestic Cinderella climb into the Little League World Series.

Whatever your bag, one thing’s for sure: there’s nothing finer than watching your favorite team on national television. For so many reasons:

  • Pressure. The audience for your team shoots up exponentially and your favorite players are broadcast into strange living rooms around the world. This is the big moment where everybody will judge you, so you better be ready to perform. Don’t let it get to your head.
  • Better announcers. Okay, you may lose some of the local favorites who cheer for your club all the time. But you gain the veterans who’ve been broadcasting for years. I mean, how sweet is it when Orel Hershiser chimes in with a stat on Sunday Night Baseball?
  • Feel like you’re home. Hey, if you don’t live in your home town anymore the big show might be the only chance you get to see your team play. How great is it to watch The World Cup in big city bars around the world? That’s what I’m talking about.
  • It means you’re at least somewhat decent. Because they probably wouldn’t broadcast you nationally if your team was the Baltimore Orioles or something.

When your local club makes the Monday game, the World Cup, or the Final Four, there’s just something special about sitting down at home and watching them compete on that big stage. So take the phone off the hook, make some popcorn, and settle in for a great night with a million friends.


Happy Halloween!

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13 thoughts on “#907 When your favorite sports team is in the big nationally televised game

  1. I love Halloween, so Happy Ghoulish Halloween everyone! As for the sports, I saw the post title and I was all “yech” until you said Little League World Series. I used to work in the town that is home to the LLWS and the reminder of that terrific place and all my friends there is AWESOME! BIG shout out to Williamsport and especially to Stevens Elementary…wooohooo! Then, in the same post you mentioned a sports team close to my current residence, one that was my dad’s fave and whose games I actually attended with him: the Orioles! Considering my typical dislike of all things sports, you managed to connect with me twice in one sports post. Now that is AWESOME!

    1. Yes, for though they’d not given fans much to cheer on in recent years, this year they gave them plenty to cheer about!

  2. I’m not really a sporty person. I love Halloween, though! Happy Halloween, everyone! Anyway, the only way I can relate to this is with Shark Week. The week when my favourite animal is broadcasted on TV for a whole week! A whole week of nothing but sharks! It’s the best. Anyway, happy Halloween, everyone.

  3. This is how we (my collective area) felt last year in the World Series … and up ’til the end of the playoffs this year. Go Cardinals!

  4. Thank goodness dance is now entered into the world of sports:)
    Happy Halloween everyone!
    OMG thanks Max- Dragon’s den has a children’s special on….

  5. It was so very exciting when the state’s college football team moved into a bigger league this year. We had a big party at the house.

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