#906 Drinking a glass of cold water right after eating ice cream

Get the tap running

So when you chug down that cold glass of water, it’s like an Arctic dam spilling into a sugary mineshaft. That water just feels so refreshing — like jumping into a bathtub of ice cubes, injecting Gatorade into your heart, or showering after a really, really long time.

And is it just me, or does the water seem to take away a bit of the guilt, too? Like you’re somehow balancing out the cold, fat lump of Cherry Garcia in the pit of your stomach with something healthy and calling it even.

Hey, works for me.


Photos from: here and here


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16 responses to “#906 Drinking a glass of cold water right after eating ice cream

  1. Awww man. That photo. THAT PHOTO. It’s all chocolatey and melty and delicious looking.

    I want.

  2. wendy

    In the middle of ice cream, when 2 and 6 year old gr-bbs were shouting out, “Water! I need water!!” I realized the balance is not a choice but a requirement, a must, a need!
    I love the pictures too! Makes me thirsty!!!:)

  3. Jimmy Shields

    Will definitely give it a try this evening. for medicinal purposes, of course.

    Love, J

  4. I’ve never had the urge to drink water while or after eating ice cream. My daughter always has to have water while she’s eating ice cream and I guess I just don’t understand.

  5. Max

    I feel like I might freeze solid if I ever tried this. Espescially in winter. I get cold easy.

  6. Even though I’ve been eating Halloween candy all day – now I want ice cream :p

    • wendy

      I was So thinking the same thing today when I HAD to have a vanilla latte!
      I was also thinking about New Zealand Lucy who this time last year said we’re all nuts in North America… while we carve and toss pumpkins, they eat them raw for all their nutritional properties!! Charred-waxy pumpkin anybody?!;) Naw, I’m with you Jill, I’ll take the sweets!

      • Ugh – DEFINITELY sweets over raw pumpkin!

        Now if that were pumpkin pie they were talking about.. .:)

        • wendy

          Lucy said, “What the ….?” about the pie too! Pretty much anything we do beyond raw, she was miffed about! I just don’t know about New Zealanders?!
          Except I do recall Lucy being like a diamond in the sky and funnt at times too…Olly, Olly, Oxen Free, Lucy:)

  7. I have never done that. My teeth don’t like too much cold :)

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