#902 Roasting the perfect marshmallow

Roast that mallow!

First you turn that stick slowly over those blazing hot coals, letting the marshmallow crisp and bloat up into a golden brown cylinder of warm and drippy goo.

Then, just as it starts to slide a bit, you grab that sticky, drippy mess, tilt back your head, and just toss it right on home.


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24 thoughts on “#902 Roasting the perfect marshmallow

  1. Unless you miss and the screaming hot glob of sugar sticks to the side of your face. :( Not so awesome…

  2. My perfect marshmallow:
    -Let it catch on fire for less than a second on each small part of the marshmallow, so the outside is lightly seared and crunchy
    -Let it cool a little, then gently grab the crunchy outside by the teeth so you pull that off and eat it, leaving a smaller, untouched soft round bit in the middle
    -Let that lightly sear (not catch on fire, but go brown), then eat that. And voila! Double-roasted marshmallow!
    (Once I got a TRIPLE-roasted marshmallow!! SO AWESOME!)

    1. Nice to know that you like the burnt and crunchy outside layer too. I’ve never stuck the second layer back in the fire. I just leave it gooey. I might have to try that next time.

      1. Yeah, I’ve tried the double roasting, but I prefer to eat the burned, crunchy outside first, then just slowly enjoy the ooey gooey center. Wow, now I’m hungry for a toasted marshmallow! What a terribly fun topic for today! Funny how different topics inspire different people: quite obviously marshmallow roasting is an activity many relate to and to which many have previous childhood memories as the # of comments today has increased compared to some other topics. :)

  3. I just like to roast marshmallows to I can catch them on fire and blow them out. I like mine burnt. I like to take that burnt layer and slowly peel and slide it off and eat it. Then I have this gooey center of the marshmallow still on the stick and oh, its sooooooo good.

    1. I heard a saying, “Once you go black, you’ll never go back,” I’m certain they were referring to this… my fave kind of marshmallow too:)

      1. Gee, Wendy. Maybe I’ll have to try a charred marshmallow and see what all the fuss is about (she say’s while blushing).

  4. I’m not a very patient marshmallow roaster. Fortunately, my husband is! He will take 10 minutes to cook the perfect marshmallow for me. I like it evenly warmed throughout with a tan crust on the outside. If there was a marshmallow roasting Olympics, he would win gold every time.

    1. Gold medal for a gold marshmallow?
      My daughter is the most patient marshmallow roaster that is a kid. She won’t even put it anywhere near the fire and it takes forever just for it to get warm.

  5. Totally agree with the comments above re burning the outside of the marshmallow. However, one important thing – you can only roast the perfect marshmallow on either (a) a bamboo skewer or (b) a stick you picked up off the ground. NOT a metal fork or anything like that!!!

  6. I’ve experienced good and bad roasting experiences. The negative one happened around a campfire when my marshmallow caught aflame. I raised it to my lips to blow out the fire and at the same moment a young camper insisted that it was best to whip the stick around. The flaming treat ended up stuck to my upper lip where it
    blistered the skin black and remained an open wound for a week.

    I recall the awesome memories that my brother, Dad and I had over our spent briquets on the old barbque. We often had marshmallow roasting competitions where the prize of fame was awarded for ideal degree of golden brown colour, an even glow on the top and all sides and the creation of the perfect degree of swelling. Mom was always ready to eat the lopsided or partially charred “marshys”. She even ate them raw!!!!!

    1. There’ll be a special place in heaven for you one day for spreading good works throughout the land!

  7. No camping trip is complete without roasted marshmallows! To whoever invented marshmallows, I thank thee.

  8. I haven’t roasted a marshmallow in years! When I was younger, my sister and I discovered that we actually didn’t like roasted marshmallow all that much… But we enjoyed the actual roasting process.

    …Then we discovered how much fun it was to roast said marshamallows, then throw them at the shed so that they stuck in a gloriously sticky fashion.

    That’s one thing to do with a perfectly roasted marshmallow, I guess. :-\

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