#896 That feeling you get right after you just vomited

feels-better-than-it-looksWhen that churning ocean of sickness in your stomach finally leaves your body in a massive, ab-clencing heave, it sort of feels like a rebirth. Your headache instantly disappears, you chug a glass of water, and then all is well in the world again.


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12 thoughts on “#896 That feeling you get right after you just vomited

  1. How did I miss this originally?! After going almost 10 years not vomitting I had shoulder surgery this April and unfortunately found out I’m allergic to morphine by throwing up 8 times in recovery. But that feeling after throwing up the first time was awesome because I felt SO much better!

  2. No one believes you when you tell them that they will feel better if they just quit fighting it and throw up. I tell my daughter this all the time and she just keeps fighting it. I can’t really blame her. I used to fight it all the time. Vomiting is just one of the worst things ever.

    1. It really, really is. I could never bring myself to force it, but OH MY GOD does it feel great after you’ve done it. Give the ol’ teeth a brush and you feel so much fresher.

      …Such a disgusting reality, really. :-\

  3. I especially love when after throwing up numerous times, you throw up one more time, and you just know that’s the last one. I love disinfecting the bathroom so it can be reopened to non sick people. It’s a sign you’re almost back to normal!


    I end up breaking down in tears just from the sheer awfulness of vomiting to begin with. But you definitely have a point.

  5. Awful, horrid, but blessed relief! It’s like you’re dying one minute and the next it’s time to get up and get going!

  6. I’m with Nicole, I usually cry after vomiting too, just because I’m so glad it’s all over with. It can be such a relief from feeling awful.

  7. When I vomit, my stomach and throat usually feels like it’s being burnt to death, then I want to vomit again. I think I’d have to disagree on this one. XD

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