#888 Peeing in a pool

take-a-dip1Okay, admit it.

You’ve done it, I’ve done it, we’ve all done it together.

And sure, peeing in the pool is a bit of a social faux pas, but dang girl, it sure feels good, doesn’t it? After all:

  • Mini hot-tub. You get that classic hot cloud effect, where suddenly there’s a nice warm water-diaper hanging around you. Yeah, yeah, it’s gross, but don’t worry. It’s sterile.
  • Feel that drain. Because holding it in isn’t good for you, either. So just let it out, let your bladder relax, and enjoy the feeling.
  • It’s a secret. Unless you tell others, of course, which isn’t recommended. But there’s something sweet about keeping this one real quiet. Especially because the pool’s probably half urine, anyway. Admitting you just peed will result in everyone else admitting they peed, too.

Now, peeing in a lake is a decent alternative, but without the big dose of chlorine you might actually get someone sick if they go under and swallow a mouthful. And that just really wouldn’t be funny.

No, it wouldn’t be funny at all.



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23 thoughts on “#888 Peeing in a pool

  1. Alright… I gotta play catchup now. I’ve been lazy the past few days and haven’t visited.
    I can honestly say that I haven’t peed in a pool in years…. and that’s because I haven’t been in one. Water just isn’t my thing. I went to a water park twice back in 2008, but I wasn’t really in a pool and peeing on a water slide just doesn’t sound cool.

  2. I’m a huge germaphobe, and pee is the reason I will not get my face wet in a pool, lake, or ocean. People poke fun at me, but dang that’s gross. If I’m swimming in a private pool, I will, but I don’t get to do that very often. I’ve never peed in a pool because when I was young someone once told me that if you pee in a pool, the pee will turn the chlorine green and everyone will know what you just did. That scarred me for life!

    1. Aren’t there some public pools that have that coloring? When you pee, you’re surrounded by green or blue. I think some kids would do it just to see the color!

  3. surely we all have already pee in the pool. When you’re in the mood to pee, and enters in a pool, it’s inevitable. It feels so much better many ways, be besides the good felling of pee, the water gets warm. I swim everyday and I have experience in the subject, so here it goes an advice: be careful not to let the water yellow, if necessary move the water that is in you back, so the pee will spread.

  4. I am laughing to much with this ! Everytime that I pee in a pool, I wonder to know if I’m the only one that do that ! now I have the answers! and when I go to a public pool I become a bit insecure to enter, imagine how many people has peed on that ! omg I really dont want to know! I’ll have a pool just for me, in my home, where just me and my family will pee on that!

  5. Wow. After all of these comments, I will probably never enter a public pool ever again. Thanks, everyone. :P

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