#882 A good floss after a tough steak

Molars beware

How bad was the first steak you ever made?

I hope it was better than the charred shoe I served for dinner after a good forty minutes of grilling. Needless to say, I made sure there wasn’t anything too raw in there. Nothing too tasty, either.

Of course, the worst part about a tough steak is how it haunts you for the rest of the evening in the form of tough, stringy bits of beef wedged tightly between all your teeth. No matter how hard you twist and turn your tongue to get them, they just ain’t moving.

That’s when you have to bring in the big guy. Yes, that beautiful pack of floss should do the job just fine, thank you very much. Just pull out a piece, snap it off, and get down to business. Flecks of chewed up beefbits fly in all directions, finding new homes on the mirror and in the corners of your bathroom floor.

And that’s pretty much that.

Ladies and gentlemen, a good floss after a tough steak!


Dinner's on me

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10 thoughts on “#882 A good floss after a tough steak

  1. Anyone born and raised in Oklahoma has the grill-a-perfect-steak gene, so I can’t relate to most of this post ;-). However, I have a slight space between two of my teeth that acts like a vacuum anytime I eat apples, couscous, rice, meat, raw veggies, nut bits, etc. I have floss in my purse, in my work desk, in my car, and various locations throughout my house. I’m always prepared for flossing emergencies.

  2. I don’t even know how to floss. I just use toothpicks. I once found mint-flavoured toothpicks! They were the best. Getting food bits out of one’s mouth is also very awesome. And so is steak.

    1. My hubby loves toothpicks. He’ll use one and then just keep it hanging out of his mouth. I don’t know if he chews on it or what he does with it. But one year, I found him some flavored ones like the mint and there was cinnamon too. He wasn’t very fond of those.

  3. I’m a flosser. As said in a previous post #976-2, I have this weird obsession with having to be able to blow air between my teeth. When I can’t, I must floss.

    PS. NEIL~ I was actually trying to go back to that post that I mentioned, but I don’t know how without clicking all the “previous post” arrows. I went to the top 1000 page, but that was for the first run. Do you think you can set up a way for us to be able to easily go back to older posts?

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