#881 When someone lands on the hotel you just built in Monopoly

build-those-hotelsShelling out for that primo real estate on the corner lot ain’t always easy.

Yes, you may have to mortgage Electric Company or dip into that stash of hundreds hidden under the game board. But after you make your big investment, there’s nothing finer than somebody landing right plum on it, right plum on their next turn.

And there’s always a new bit of tension on that first roll after a hotel enters the game, too. No more superquick circling and buying properties, collecting Get Out Of Jail cards, and winning beauty contests. No, now there’s a hotel on the board and you enter Round 2 of Monopoly, where the haves and have nots are quickly and ruthlessly divided.

When someone lands on the hotel you just built, the first thing they do is go real quiet and quickly pass the dice to the next player, sort of hoping you don’t notice that they’re squatting in your joint.

But you notice all right.

And maybe you’re even all polite and nonchalant about it, too.

“Oh, Marvin Gardens? Hold on a second, wait. Yeah sorry, uh, let’s see here. That’ll be $1200, please.”

“What, seriously?”

“Yeah, sorry. It’s the hotel that does it.” (passing the property card over for inspection)

(inspecting property card) “That’s crazy. That’s like all my money. I might have to mortgage Baltic Avenue.”

“I’m sorry, man. I’ll take all the railroads instead if you want.”

(disgusted) “What, no way! Then I’ll just have Baltic and the blues. Forget it! That’s crazy!”

“Fine … $1200, please.”

(angrily and slowly counting out and handing you a thick stack of hundreds, twenties, tens, fives, and ones that barely add up to $1200, leaving them with only a few properties and two $10 bills leftover)


If you build it, they will come

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12 responses to “#881 When someone lands on the hotel you just built in Monopoly

  1. Awww man, I haven’t played Monopoly in years!

    And conversations tend to go in exactly that way. Spot on. :)

  2. Spot on like the bad guy said!
    But the conversations tend to be a bit a more rude and you feel like yelling “REVENGE IS MINE BRO!!!”

  3. wendy

    I’ve played and seen some ruthless plays in the real live version, which made me uneasy and uninterested in the board game. But YOU make it sound like a whole lot of jolly good fun! I think I’ll ask Santa Clause for one!

  4. Sara Mc

    I hated owning the blues! They were the scummy side of town. I haven’t played Monopoly in over 15 years. I just might have to play again soon.

  5. Michael

    There’s nothing awesome about Monopoly.

  6. Max

    Yeah! Spot on with the Monopoly conversation, just like lovethebadguy and Talitha said. My family never has enough patience to get as far as the hotels, and most people are almost broke anyway. Except for whoever is being banker, which has always seemed suspicious to me. I really love playing Monopoly, especially by the fireplace on a cold winter evening.

    • klalota

      Me, too! I played some marathon monopoly games when I was younger. We used to add rules to suit the situation. I seem to remember the banker making loans,but charging too much interest. Funny, I was just with a childhood friend on the weekend and we laughed about her family home’s shag carpet on which we played those long games! So fun!

  7. I have never ever ever finished a game of Monopoloy…ever. When I was little, we didnt’ really know the rules, so we just went around the board and got the $200 when you pass go and every once in a while, we’d buy a property, but there was never any hotels or houses built. We never knew what those things were for. And now… I still don’t think I know how to properly play an entire game.

  8. Pedro Leone MAC2

    I always hated when this happened to me, during all my childhood I played Monopoly like every day with my friends and I ALWAYS landed on the same point who is ALWAYS the one my brother just build. The good point is that, during a long time, the situation have changed and every time I created a new hotel my brother lands on it so my problem have stoped.

    Pedro Leone MAC2

  9. I got all excited when that use to happen. I haven’t played the game in years though.

  10. Princess Luna

    Why are the names of the streets all wrong? Queen st instead of Mayfair.

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