#871 Finding out your birthday is on a Friday or Saturday next year

Save the date

Planning those Wednesday birthdays is tough.

Do you party-back on the weekend before or party-forward to the weekend after? Either way, you’ll get a lot of “So wait, when’s your actual birthday?” questions, and you’ll be forced to take a sip of your drink, smile pleasantly, and casually say “Oh, just a couple days from now,” or worse “Oh, you know … two Wednesday’s ago.”

That’s just no fun.

So if you’re as self-centered as I am and the first thing you do when you get your greasy paws on a crisp, new calendar is flip right to your birthday, then you sure are loving it when that big day hits the Friday or Saturday Jackpot. Now it’s on for so many reasons:

  • Save the date. No need to puzzle over when to throw the big bash. Just start planning it for that Friday or Saturday. You have no choice and no need to waffle.
  • Party Priority. It’s true. When it’s your actual birthday, your event moves way up the party priority list. Sure, you’re still slightly below Friend’s Wedding or Out Of Town Guest, but you zoom up way higher than Poker Night or Grandma Visit.
  • More free drinks. Especially if you have a birthday party that starts the night before and kicks into high gear at midnight when you ‘officially’ start celebrating. Hopefully you don’t have to wear a tiara and a sash to keep those free shots coming.

Yes, you know as well as I do that when that when that big day lands right on a Friday or Saturday, it opens up a world of celebration possibilities. Because now your birthday’s going on, your birthday’s going long, and your birthday’s going strong, fool.

Awwwwwww, yeah.



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10 Responses to #871 Finding out your birthday is on a Friday or Saturday next year

  1. Mine’s on a Thursday next year. :-/

    And something for the List of UnAwesome Things:
    When the leap year causes you to miss out on a Friday or Saturday birthday!

  2. wendy

    Worse yet, ltbg, I have a sister-in-law who’s birthday is on leap year, so she misses birthday’s, ENTIRELY!
    Upside…she’s about to turn 16 when she should be 61!

  3. Special K

    My birthday was on a Friday this year, and a Saturday in 2013! 2 years in a row. DOUBLE AWESOME!

  4. Max

    My birthday’s on Friday next year! I’m so excited! And I’m also sort of self-centered like Neil. The first thing I do when I get a new calendar is skip right to my birthday month to see what the picture is. Then I try to find a Friday the 13th. And then, after checking what days of the week Halloween and Christmas are on, I finally check my birthday. It is a long process.

    • Sometimes my birthday is ON Friday the 13th. I once checked, hoping that I was born on a black Friday… But no. Stupid Thursday…

      • Max

        Thursday’s aren’t all that bad. It’s named after the Norse god Thor! Thor’s Day. And Sunday and Monday are named after the sun and the moon. Sun Day and Moon Day. I don’t know what anything else is named after. Having a birthday on Friday the 13th is pretty cool. You could probably have lots of spooky-themed birthday parties.

  5. Emmy

    Ugh mine’s on Wednesday next year :/ My party’s gonna be on a Friday, so it’s just working out which Friday to do :) Going to be my first big birthday bash! A proper party-party :)

  6. julie “likes” this.

  7. klalota

    This post prompted me to check and it’s Monday this year. Hey, since I do birthweek, that’s fine with me! I’ll commence the celebrations on my actual day and carry on all week into the following weekend! Wooo me! Not sure how cool it’ll be next year to turn the big 50 on a Tuesday…ho hum.