#872 The feeling of scrunching sand in your feet

A million little massages

Free your feet.

When you kick off your tight, suffocating shoes, peel off your nasty, sweaty socks, and just starting walking on the beach in bare feet, how good does that feel?

Man, it’s a million molecules of Earthbeads massaging your foot all at once. It’s a tickly, gripply sand sensation.It’s big piles of small cubes hugging and comforting your tired and sore and broken sole.

And yeah sure, the sand wedges itself up into your toenails, dusts up in your toe-knuckle hair, and coats the bottom of your feet like butter on toast. So your feet may look a little worse for wear.

But whatever, because the feeling of scrunching sand in your feet when you walk on the beach is 100% guaranteed



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13 thoughts on “#872 The feeling of scrunching sand in your feet

  1. I’m 100% certain I never read this one before! And I 100% agree that sand between the toes, beneath my feet and “comforting a tired, sore and broken soul”, like “Foot-Prints in the Sand,” are all 100% guaranteed Awesome:)

  2. I had my first beach swim of the summer on Monday and it was amazing! I haven’t swam at the beach since January so it was rather lovely :) The sand was a good part of it too :) And then i had my second swim this afternoon with about half of my choir, although a wave pushed me and this other boy over and the sand did a bit more than exfoliate my knee and it bled :( And then when we were lying in the sun the wind blew sand all over us and there’s about 5 kg in my hair. So the sand wasn’t so awesome today. But other days, I love it 😀

  3. LOL!!! UR SOOO Funny!
    ***Snow angels are cold between the toes but otherwise soft, fluffy and painless…and don’t you forget it!:)***

    1. but my grannie always said, just don’t follow them into deep water! I get that now!
      OH, how I wish I could be there walking the beaches in your footprints! Here we’re under 3 days of snow and still falling, so I’ll have to follow in other people’s snow prints instead!
      Again, an empathic: never judge another lest you’ve walked a mile in their mocassins! Just seems fitting to the topic… somehow….:)
      Could someone please find that poem! Pretty please with a snow angel on top

      1. We’ve hardly had any snow yet, so I’m envying your snowfall! I just had some toes-in-sand in the Atlantic in Oct. It was chilly, but lovely! Aren’t the changing seasons just amazing?! Plus, it’s so cool to hear about such far flung locales as having summer right now!

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