#848 Old folks who sit on their porch and wave at you when you walk by

What do you picture doing when you retire?

Lounging amongst big umbrellas on sunny beaches, taking the grandkids to the zoo, cropping a serious vegetable garden, or turning your wood carving hobby into a lucrative craft fair business?

Well, whatever you choose, can I just recommend that you also make time to just sit on your porch, sip some lemonade, and look up to smile and wave at people when they walk by?

Because other than cutting the little wedge of your neighbor’s lawn, lending out your snowblower, or collecting someone’s mail while they’re away, I tell you — nothing says friendly neighbor more than a couple old folks sitting on their rockers and just flashing those gums and waving those palms when you walk on by.



18 thoughts on “#848 Old folks who sit on their porch and wave at you when you walk by

  1. I’m going to be that old lady that sits and waves at everyone. They might not be able to see me since my porch is kind of far from the road. Maybe I’ll sit at the end of my driveway and wave.
    I love taking a walk and seeing the old folks out sitting and enjoying their day. They do always wave and offer a friends smile.

    1. That’s a brilliant mental image: You, as an elderly woman, dragging a rocking chair down a long driveway, then relaxing into it with a glass of lemonade and waving to everyone you see… :)

  2. Okay, this is an awesome Awesome thing, indeed, but my mind just did something sad and evil.

    See, I was expecting there to be a picture at the bottom of an old person, or preferably a couple, kindly waving towards the camera.

    Instead, I see a verandah, with two white chairs that look hauntingly empty…

    See, this is why I need to follow 1000AwesomeThings. Without it, my head goes to dark places. o__O I think it comes from being a writer. An evil, evil writer….

    1. Or maybe grandpa and grandma felt a bit frisky sitting together on the porch rocking and now they’ve gone inside for a bit…

      See, that’s where MY mind goes…LOL! In my defense, I’ve been reading a certain trilogy about a man of many shades…

  3. Just the thought of two old happy people sitting on that porch and waving back to me as I go about my day, made me so much happier! (than I probably deserved to be today LOL) Reminds me of my grandparents who always have an open door, extra food and extra extra love “just in case” people decide to stop in :)

  4. Once an elderly couple who was sitting on the beach in Hawaii waved at me as I walked by. I waved back. I was walking back in the same direction dragging this really big and really cool washed-up branch that I had found by some black lava-rocks with a bunch of black crabs on them, when that same elderly couple waved at me again! They were just sitting there in the same spot, not even thrown off by the fact that I had returned dragging this club-like branch. They even came walking down the beach a while later to come and say hi to me. I’m always pleasantly surprised when strangers are friendly.

    1. Well said! Love it!
      Better than other body parts, said, they’ve earned the right to “pat”, just because they’re old folks!

  5. I am one of those geezers that waves and smiles at eveyone that goes past the house and you know what? I think I get more pleasure out of it that the people passing by!

  6. Love this post! Thoroughly love the greeting’s when I’m out walking!
    I imagine I’m playing with my grand-babies, long time! And if I live long enough I’ll be a waver from the very rocker I nursed my babies in; any luck, on a lovely veranda.
    And if I’m dead and gone, I’ll fill ltbg’s vision of the empty rocker, rocking away on a porch…yep, that will be me, in spirit,,,somewhere out there, cuz baby I’m a rocker!
    *note, this was released when I was working in a music store. Says beneath, this was a concert “Jan.23rd. 1981,” today! And today’s date is………….Spooky!

  7. Love this. Our society has lost the instinct to repect our elders. And seeing them give you a wave from the porch makes me think of what I’ll be like at that age and I hope I’m like that too.

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