18 thoughts on “#836 When you push the button for the elevator and it's already there

  1. Haven’t got a whole lot of elevators in my town. Just little crappy ones that break down every week (thankfully not while I’ve ever been inside one).

    Being that these elevators lift you up, like, one floor, they’re very often already there when you push the button. Not really a pleasant surprise.

    Stoopid ‘vators ruining my awesomeness…

  2. What’s even more awesome? Realizing there’s a person in the elevator, and they get off at the floor you’re currently on! So it’s like, an ENTIRE elevator passenger trade system! XD

  3. The building I work in is 12 floors. I work on the third and first floor. Those 2 floors belong to the bank. We have a ‘secret’ elevator just for us that goes through the floors 1,2 and 3. We have to enter through the third floor to go to the first floor is its before or after hours because everything is blocked off and locked since there’s more people in the builing. We block off the main elevators that way the other people can get out of the building but not in our area. So, in the mornings, I have to go to the secret elevator on the 3rd floor to go to the first to clock in . I really loooove it when its already there. That’s like a whole minute I get on my punch card since I don’t have to wait on it. Its a really slow elevator and lately its been having problems. The doors just don’t want to close. Sometimes they close just enough to make you think that its going to work and they pop back open. Last Friday I stood on it for 5 minutes with the doors wide open. They never budged. So, I got off, deteremined to find another way downstairs. As soon… AS SOON.. as I get off, the doors close and it goes downstairs. I stood there and laughed my butt off.

  4. …and there’s a person in a trench coat?!* Yep, I see him off to the left there! Won’t catch me dead in that elevator!! Not awesome!
    I’ll take the stairs, thank you very much!

    1. I take the stairs as much as possible too. But sometimes I cant’ because they are blocked off and I have to use the secret elevator. There was a mouse on that elevator not too long ago. I tried to catch him but he was too fast and ran off the elevator and through the bank lobby. Oh, you should have heard all those girls scream!! It was comical. Here I am chasing this cute little creature while the other girls are jumping on their chairs and screaming.

      Oh, you just reminded me… you mentioned a guy in a trench coat… there’s a lawyer that works up on the 7th floor who wears a long mink coat… and its a guy. He always wears that coat with cowboy boots and skinny legged pants.

        1. Oh and he has a pony-tail! He slicks his hair back and puts it up. He’s a really great guy and from what I hear, a fantastic lawyer. There’s also a lawyer running around town that likes to dress drag on the weekends. He goes to court with his nails on. I hear he’s a good lawyer too… although I did see him in court once, he was dressed up in a nice suit and then these rediculously long red fake nails on.

  5. What’s awesome for me is the secret snickering I do at the people who wait several minutes in the lobby to take the elevator to go ONE FLOOR….and sometimes that’s one floor DOWN! I work on the 8th floor and I trudge the 7 stories up. It only takes me 4 minutes, and I get to feel smug all day (secretly) especially when those elevator people complain to me about how long they had to wait.

  6. I love it when this happens, but I don’t go on elevators that much. Sometimes when I was little and we went into elevators in hotels, I would get confused because all the floors looked the same, so it looked like we hadn’t gone anywhere.

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