#838 The smell of freshly cut grass

fresh-cut-grass1Fresh cut grass smells like twilight in the countryside, a football game about to start at the park, or a sunny Saturday morning in the suburbs. So whether you’re driving down a dusty farm road while the sun sets, stretching before the whistle blows, or putting your lawnmower back in the shed after criss-crossing your lot, well … just stop for a second, flare your nostrils real big, tip your head back real far, and take a big whiff, baby.

Because oh yeah.


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16 thoughts on “#838 The smell of freshly cut grass

  1. This is one of my favs….like top 10 favs….
    Whenever I get a wiff of fressly cut grass I know its summer. Now I’m not really fond of summer… its so hot and muggy and I’d just rather be cold and playing in the snow, but what are ya gonna do? Ya learn to live with it and love all the things about it. Smelling grass brings back so many memories-playing softball with my family in the back yard, playing Power Rangers with my brothers, climbing trees, going on walks through the woods looking for arrowheads with mom, sitting for hours in the yard looking for 4 leaf clovers…. oh I could go on and on. Its scents like this, the very distinct, that bring back so many memories for me.

  2. This is probably the only reason why I mow the lawn. And also because the lawn would turn into a savana if I didn’t mow the lawn. With zebras and everything.

    1. My favorite scent… veggie soup. Everytime I smell that I think of when I was little at my grandma’s house. I swear she was always cooking that stuff!

  3. My personal favorite smell is the whiff of awesomeness that you get when you open a new pack of baseball cards. I haven’t experienced this joy in a few years now, and I can catch a similar smell from new paper products.

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