19 thoughts on “#805 The smell of crayons

  1. Oooohhh the anticipation of the perfect outline to then fill in with a soft wash of color… At least that was my coloring technique way back when…i pleaded for new box of crayons with every new coloring book… How else was I going to get that pointy point perfection (never really used the integrated sharpener)… Thanks for the memories :) Alexandra

  2. Totally agree! Love a new box of crayons! I have to confess that I’m a crayon snob….Crayola Crayons are the only ones for me!

  3. Although I never really got the smell part of this post, I do get the blast of rainbowy colours beauty, the sensation and can really appreciate this! I personally “awesome” as well, Edward Binney and Harold Smith for inventing crayons b/c since there was none “back in the day”, I remember the blessed discovery of MY asthma medication being to sit on the porch, rainy days, or on the edge of the forest sunny days, awe, sunny, sunny, sunny days… colouring! Lucky to have a box! When prescription medication was finally tried, it made me sick! I thanked God for the crayons I was so fortunate to have… they could dance, I could sing and just like Thumelina~ never really mattered if they were just 1″ tall…they were at times life sustaining to me!
    Although the asthma is under pretty good control today, I still appreciate; love the feeling and relaxation colouring can bring! Amen to that! ~.~

  4. Crayons are one of the smells that just takes me back in time to little me sitting on my bed coloring. I never really stopped coloring. I colored with my little brothers and now I color with my kids. I color one page and they color the other. Its one of the small simple things that make for great memories!

  5. Absolutely! It’s memories of childhood that does it. Like a song that makes you feel good and you can’t explain why. It just takes you back to a better time. But maybe all those kids that got them stuck up their nose feel differnently.

  6. I used to use crayons all the time when I was a kid, but now I forget what they smell like. I must now begin a quest to find crayons.

  7. Crayons and paste…the perfume of childhood! Even as a teen I loved ’em because I’d melt them onto pieces of wood/bark to make unique pictures! Very cool!

  8. My best friend and I used to colour and read together. When we coloured, we’d always fight over our favourite colour: Magenta! We still get nostalgic at the very word. So exotic, so exciting, that’s magenta.

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