#781 Guys who wear no shirts at cold sporting events

their-hearts-are-warmNow that’s commitment.


Photo from: here


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12 responses to “#781 Guys who wear no shirts at cold sporting events

  1. delliott79@comcast.net

    I love you showed Packers Fans…Go Pack Go!!! Thank You:-)


  2. Emmy

    I don’t mind that photo… I don’t mind it at all ;D hehe
    Thanks for posting Neil!

  3. I think my favourite part about this post is the fact that one of those guys is wearing a giant cheese on his head…

    • Emmy

      HAHA, i didnt even notice the cheese!! Hahahaha brilliant :DD

      • wendy

        If I was younger I’d be the mouse…you know, “The mouse takes the cheese, the mouse takes the cheese, high-ho-the-dairy-oh, the mouse takes the cheese!”
        Actually, they’re all so cute, I just want to pinch their cheeks! No, not those cheeks girls;)

  4. I bet Neil has done this once or twice in his lifetime.

  5. Max

    Nope, I can’t do that. I would be frozen solid, like one of those mammoths that they sometimes find in the tundra.

    • klalota

      I’m with you, Max, I’d freeze solid. And be arrested, since I’m a woman and all. A frozen criminal…that’s gotta be a new thing, doncha think?!

      • klalota

        Why is “When a big chunk of ear wax randomly falls out of your ear” such a popular post?! Most times I’m writing a comment, there it is in blue font just to the right of my typing…and I notice it, read it…and it grosses me out every freakin’ time! Chunks and ear wax just should NOT be in the same sentence together! I really want you all to start some serious ear hygiene measures, for the love of all that’s holy!

        • LOL, Kathy!!! Yeah, I’ve never had random chunks of ear wax fall outta my ear either and out of all the very awesome things on this blog, that one has to be one of the most viewed…

          • klalota

            I know! And I just want to buy everyone VERY BIG BOXES of Q-TIPS! C’mon people, repeat after me, “One two three four, My ears are full of wax no more! Five six seven eight, Clean ears always feel so great!”

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