#773 Watching your odometer click over a major milestone

No Photoshop was used in the making of this photoWhen your bucket of bolts clicks over a major milestone you can’t help but smile and feel proud.

“We made it, rusty lady,” you say out loud, slapping the dash and honking the horn as you sit jammed in the KFC drive-thru. “Happy birthday, you ol’ highway roller. Never thought we’d get this far.”

And ain’t it true: when your car clicks over a big, fat number it sure is a special day. After all, assuming you cruise an average of 15,000 clicks a year, you only score this major move once every five or six calendar turns.

That’s reason enough to celebrate.

Plus, I’m guessing you probably saw it coming for a while, too. Sure, maybe you were grabbing groceries or dropping the kids off at day care last month when a 99,398 caught your eye or a 198,881 made you do a double-take. And maybe you made a mental note to get ready. Maybe you wondered where you’d be when the big day came.

Maybe you bought a dress.

If so, I certainly don’t blame you because when your rustbucket’s clicker-counter snaps into new territory, it’s like she’s suddenly all growed up. You smile slowly and breathe in chicken and diesel fumes as your mind rushes back to great times you’ve shared over the years: when you first met, playing pranks at the gas station, and mindlessly chilling on lazy summer afternoons.

Yes, watching your odometer click over a major milestone is a great feeling. Congratulations on being there for the big day.


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13 thoughts on “#773 Watching your odometer click over a major milestone

  1. Unless you’re a used car salesman. Then maybe not so awesome. Unless you really are an awesome salesman and you can figure out how to turn that milestone into a selling point.

  2. The last time I saw anything happen like that, I snapped a picture of it. My odometer read 123456 and I thought it was so awesome, it needed a picture. That was in my old car. I haven’t even paid attention to what mile my current car is in. But its digital, so its not as exciting.

  3. Mine just recently clicked over 260,000!!! I’ve been very loyal to Pink (yeah, my car’s named…it suits me) since the beginning, but Friday I finally gave in and bought a new car. Gee, I had no idea just how poorly Ole’ Pink was, poor girl, until I drove a new car. The new one is so smooth and provides an awesome ride, but it just doesn’t look like a “Pink”…so newfangled and in a different color: red. Wow, now I’m really waxing nostalgic about Pink. I’m missing the poor old bag of bolts.

    1. What are you going to name your new car? Naming it might help you enjoy it better and not miss Pink so much. I do miss my old car, but its been gone almost 2 years… Still hate my current car, but hey…it was free and you can’t beat that.

      1. Yes, what should I name her…or him? Hmm, I shall consider the name as I get to know my new ride. I’ll get back to ya on that. :)

        1. I have a red car and her name is Ruby.
          I have a tendancy of wild-life, wild-flower and nature watching while I’m driving. You’d understand if you saw where I live, but this can be kinda’ dangerous at times. I was once taught, people like me should have grounding, centering, mindfulness tools. One of mine is the scene from Wizard of Oz when Dorothy clicks her ruby shoe heels and says, “I want to go home!” I glued a pair of miniature ruby red shoes to my dash to remind me to stay focused on task at hand and the road before me.

          1. Ooooh, helpful and cute idea! My car still jhasn’t suggested a name yet…I need to get to know her better.

  4. one day i get into my car and it was perfectly 25,000! Not a very big number tough, but i still tought it was AWESOME!! i took the picture right away :D

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