#768 Sneaking under someone else’s umbrella

Squeeze in and squeeze outOkay, who’s the smart one who brought an umbrella? Because I know it’s not me.

No, when the sky cracks up and the rain smacks down, I’m the one wearing heavy jeans and a thick, spongy sweater that soaks up everything and turns me into swampy slab of peat bog. Yes, I’m drenched, I’m dripping, I’m ice-chilled to the bone.

But that’s what makes it so great when it starts coming down and out pops a giant umbrella from a friend who offers to gimme shelter for a few minutes. Yes, if your special someone is packing some giant nylon heat, then I think it’s fair to say you’re smiling high, your clothes are dry, and you’re rocking the streets under a tiny little patch of


Out of harm's wayPhotos from: here and here

7 thoughts on “#768 Sneaking under someone else’s umbrella

  1. Huh. You know what? I haven’t shimmied in under a friend’s umbrella in years. I either have my own (rare) or I refuse their offer with a smile and skip merrily through the rain (and “skip” isn’t always an exaggeration…).

  2. I’m the one with the umbrella, usually. It’s always fun to share my umbrella…just adds a bright, friendly spot to the day because invariably we laugh!

  3. Loving that picture of the guys huddled under the rainbow umbrella.

    I can’t say that I’ve done this, but I’ve had people do it to me. I don’t mind sharing. I haven’t had a stranger do it to me though. That might be a little awkward. I probably still wouldn’t mind. I was so close to giving away one of my umbrellas the other day. I was leaving work and it was raining pretty hard and this guy and a little girl was hiding out in the parking garage out of the rain. I was about to stop and give them one of mine I keep in the car when I saw that they had one. I guess it was just easier to wait it out then to rush and get wet. Smart guy.

  4. One of the things I don’t like sharing is my umbrella! I also don’t like sharing other people’s umbrella because one side of you will still get wet and the unevenness kills me!

  5. Tree canopies work well too. It’s a natural for horses! Take a lesson from them when the storm is coming , they know where to run and omg, you think they smell wonderful on a sunny day?!! But now more on topic, sneaking under “someone” else’s tree canopy is a whole other post…if ya’ know what I’m talking about;)

  6. We had our athletics carnival and it rained/sprinkled and was grey all day! The carnival was cut short half way through but while we were there I was helping marshal the javelin pit and Mr Ryan was there with his huge umbrella and my two friends and I huddled under there too, it was big enough for four!

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