#767 Getting the last copy of the video at the video store

at the end of the rainbowOh look, shoot, there’s a giant empty wall of Dark Knight DVD cases. Wait, wait, there’s one left in the corner!


(p.s. Hmm, some of these age better than others. I’ve decided to just let’em hang. – Neil)

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9 thoughts on “#767 Getting the last copy of the video at the video store

    1. I was thinking exactly the same. Christian Bale=Awesome Batman (though, Michael Keaton will always be the FIRST Batman to me…handsome and tortured…love ‘im!)

      1. To be honest, I could take or leave Christian Bale. It was Heath Ledger who made this film great for me. He was just… words don’t even cover it. His Joker was perfection. :’)

  1. I do still buy movies. I don’t have Netflix, I don’t go to the theaters, I don’t have any movie channels at home… I go to the store and buy my movies or rent them from Redbox.
    Around Lilly’s birthday, I was set to buy her the very first season of Full House. I love that she loves that show. I grew up on that show. I went to the video store in the mall and couldn’t find it anywhere. I was about to give up and just get her the second season when a clerk asked if I needed any help. I told him what I was looking for and he got kind of excited saying that some lady was wanting to buy it and took it the register, but changed her mind and it was the last one until their new shipment came in. I just about jumped for joy.

    1. I still buy movies, too. Like, a lot. Like, I basically have my own rental place working in my lounge room, and people have been known to contact me to say, “Do you own “X” and can I please borrow it?”

      …I don’t even specifically know what Netflix is, and I don’t wanna know. :P

      1. We all sound similar. I’m pretty sure life exists so we can watch movies. My tagline, courtesy of “Grand Canyon”: “All of life’s riddles are answered in the movies.” Movies are for owning and enjoying over and over and over and …
        ~Sigh~ right now I’m taking classes again and working a lot of hours so I can’t tell you the last movie I watched…ACK!

        1. The last movie I watched was The Help. We got a few movie channels for free for a weekend and I recorded it and finally got to watch it. I had read the book and have been dying to see the movie. LOVED IT
          Oh, and I’m totally jealous of you taking classes. What are you studying?

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