#766 Finding the last item in your size at the store

clothes rackIt all starts with The Hunt.

Mall-walking, clothes-shopping, you’re searching for cute tops and a new pair of jeans. You pop into stores, you do the Figure-8 Walk Around, you pop right out. You pinch fabrics, peek at wash instructions, and hold pants in front of mirrors, bending knees, biting lips, and flipping over price tags.

Sure, everything’s fine and everything’s dandy until later in the afternoon, when you’re still empty-handed and your legs start burning, your boyfriend starts whining, and you get really, really, really, really, really, really thirsty.

But you don’t stop, won’t stop, can’t stop the walking, just can’t stop the shopping. So you keep going, keep plugging, keep trudging along. You keep moving, keep motoring, keep soldiering strong. No, you won’t quit, won’t split, won’t call it a day. You won’t run, won’t ditch, till you find a shirt and pay.

So you keep looking and looking until it finally comes — that moment where you spot a perfect top glowing from the other side of the store. You hold your breath, run over to check, and the color looks good, the material looks good, the price looks good, the wash instructions look good, but …

After three hoursDo they have it in your size?

Panic sets in as you begin frantically flipping through the hangers. Shoot, XXL, XXL, XXL, XL. As you flip you suddenly start worrying that you wasted the day. Your calves ache and your stomach rumbles and you ask yourself: Did I survive six hours on a Dilly Bar for nothing?

But then just as the worry is settling in, putting its feet up, and getting comfortable …

It happens.

You find one.

Clouds part, sun shines, bugles blare, and angels sing, as you somehow manage to score the absolute last item in your size at the store. Oh, you’re buzzing free and your brain flies as you enjoy one of the three versions of this classic high:

  • Version 1: Back o’ the rack. Just as you’re getting bummed out by all the oddball sizes, you eventually find your perfect shape chilling out in the shadows at the back. Good find!
  • Version 2: Lost in Thread Paradise. Hey, employees struggle to keep restocking customer throwaways so sometimes that perfect shirt gets lost in thread paradise. You discover it hanging with the wrong clothes, crunched in a ball in the change room, or laying on the counter behind the cashier. Good find!
  • Version 3: Same solar system, different planet. Now, this isn’t technically the last of your size in the store, but it’s still a classic. Here’s where you start crying on the floor and pounding your fist into the ground until a friendly cashier calls a nearby store and has them hold one for you. Good find!
So now you’re laughing.
You grab your bag, stretch your back, and walk the long walk back to the car. Sun setting over the parking lot, you feel a mixed bag of energy, excitement, and accomplishment. Now the day feels productive and well-spent. You got exercise, your boyfriend survived, and you came, you saw, and you conquered.
Dairy Queen Dilly Bar
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9 thoughts on “#766 Finding the last item in your size at the store

  1. I literally JUST did this! Got myself a top, last one in my size, for only $3. :D

    Gosh, I love it when the awesomeness of my life runs parallel with this blog…

  2. Being a dude has so many advantages. When we find a shirt we like but it’s a size too big, we think “ahh, after a couple of cheeseburgers maybe it’ll be alright”.

    1. Lol! I think the female equivalent of this is, “Ohh, it’s too big! … Maybe I can make it shrink in the wash.”

      Note: Things NEVER shrink in the wash when you actually want them to.

      1. I’d rather wear a shirt that’s too big than too small. Of course smaller clothes are a good incentive to lose weight.

  3. I’m going to switch this up and say that I’m grabbing the last size in my kids clothes because I don’t really shop much for myself and when I do, I take it as a sign that I’m not supposed to really be getting this if they don’t have it in my size. I looove shopping for the kids and especially around Christmas time the clothes are all sifted through. Black Friday shopping day is really bad about not having the sizes I want for the kids and family. Its always a big relief when I do find what I want at the bottom of the stack or accidently fell off the hanger and is clinging to another shirt.

  4. My best friend made me realise I have a tendency towards very inaccessible things… Last year I had been searching for months for a particular kind of shoes and there were variants all over the place but FINALLY I found just the perfect pair in Wittner, and they didn’t have my size, only one size either side. So I went to another shop of theirs and they didn’t have the shoe, and they said there were none left anywhere. So I went to another of their shops and asked them to check their database in case the others couldn’t be bothered checking properly, and they said there were only two pairs in my size left in the country, both in Melbourne. And they ordered a pair in and they came the next day and they’re amazing! :D
    And when I was searching online for my school Ball shoes I finally found the perfect pair at Shoe Show, and the Bunbury store didn’t have them, so after putting it off a few days I eventually called the Perth store and they had the LAST PAIR IN THE COUNTRY. And I asked them to put it on hold and I was freaking out about “uhhh ok, what, what have I done, what do I do now??” and then Mum told me her partner just happened to be in the city that day! So he picked it up and I got them the next day.
    Talk about the last size in the store! What about the country!

    1. You seem to like things that are no longer available in your country. That’s dedication right there- to go to all those stores and find out the product is almost non existant and still end up getting it

      1. aha yeah especially because I’m very particular with things I like and if I’ve been searching for aaaaages and finally find the PERFECT thing, I’m not going to sit back in resignation if that one shop doesn’t have it! I’ve bought a skirt and a dress online before because I’ve absolutely loved them but they’ve not had my size so I’ve tried on the sizes either side of mine and hoped for the best :)

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