5 thoughts on “#765 Thinking it’s Thursday when it’s Friday

  1. So totally today. I got up and got dressed as usual thinking I had another day left in this week. Woke the kids up and Lilly says something about her spelling test today. I said, “What? No, that’s tomorrow.” “No mom, I don’t go to school on Saturday.”
    Sudden panic.
    Lilly has a game today and I didn’t wash her uniform because I thought I had another day left. I quickly threw it in the wash and will dry it when I get home and hope its dry for the game.
    I changed clothes because I can wear jeans today instead of dress pants.
    I had to put Zach in his “Dirt is my favorite color” shirt because I want him to wear it to the game since he plays in the mud.
    We did a quick spelling test study since we’ve been crazy busy and completely forgot to study.
    Oh, Friday… oh did you sneak up on me?

  2. I’ve had this all day today!! Woohoo! Although it hasn’t been nearly as great as other instances of this because I’ve been surviving every day this week on 6 hours sleep a night and so I am so tired, as if I’d just had a 6-day working week not 5, and yet it’s felt like Thursday. So it’s kind of mixed emotions about thinking it’s Thursday when it’s actually Friday today. Mainly longing to be able to just crash at home!

  3. Does it count when its Monday and I go all day thinking its Tuesday, but then it just throws my entire week off. I don’t know what happened yesterday. I just woke up thinking it was Tuesday and now today I have to keep reminding myself that its not Wendesday. Hopefully now that I’ve written it down like this, I’ll remember.

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