#760 Really, really selling it while barbecuing

getting it startedThat thick, smoky barbecue smell floats through the yard and everybody starts salivating for dinner.

Yes, sizzling sides of beef and black-burnt weiners are coming right up when the sun’s dropping, the party’s hopping, and your friends are all chilling with ice-clinking drinks on your backyard patio. And if you’re in charge of grilling up dinner, then there aren’t many things that scream I’m Serious About This more than really, really selling it to all your friends. Oh sure, some things come close such as:

  • owning a shiny, oversized nine-piece barbecue tool set and having it folded open on the picnic table
  • not leaving the barbecue area at any point and even holding onto the handle when the lid is down to make sure nobody attempts to flip burgers when you aren’t looking
  • wearing a giant apron with your name on it
  • asking everybody constant questions at all times such as “Did you say medium or medium-well?” and “You’re toasted, you’re toasted, you’re untoasted, right?”

9 piece bbq tool setYeah, don’t get me wrong, all those things shout I’m Serious About This, too. But nothing quite screams it like really selling it to the crowd. You know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever hammed it up with any of these classic moves:

  • “Dog up, I gotta dog up, who wants a dog?!”
  • “Come on Andrew, you’re not eating salad, are you? Come on, how many more can I sign you up for? Two at least?”
  • (walking around the deck with raised eyebrows holding a cold cheeseburger on your BBQ flipper and occasionally waggling it in someone’s face)
  • “Okay, I got a slightly burnt one. Who likes them nice and crispy? Nice and crispy one here, everybody. Niiiiiice and crispy.”

Yes, if you’re getting your barbecue groove on strong and you’re rocking the sales pitch long then kudos to you. Every deck party needs somebody to tell everybody else to eat more burgers. So today we salute you for embracing the job. You sold it. We bought it. And now we’re all feeling stuffed, bloated, and so completely


Cheeseburger, I gotta cheeseburger he-ah!Photos from: here, here,and here


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7 responses to “#760 Really, really selling it while barbecuing

  1. Huh. I’ve never been the host of a barbecue, let alone an over-enthusiastic one. That’s… That’s UNAUSTRALIAN, that is! I shall have to bloody well fix this, won’t I? Next summer… Just you wait…

  2. Now that we have a place where we can actually use our grill, I’m sure hubby will be doing plenty of this during the summer

  3. I don’t have a BBQ season. I do it all year round. Here in Canada I end up Qing in some pretty nasty weather.

    • klalota

      My ex used to grill for us all year ’round. The best day was Christmas when he grilled steaks. When it was snowing, it was so fun to see him outside grilling in his parka! LMAO!

  4. Wendy

    Sell this…
    “Perks of A Wallflower” movie and play this…LOUD!

    Oh yes, it’s a perfect fit for Awesome:)

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