#741 When a big chunk of ear wax randomly falls out of your ear

tumbling out of head mountainSure, it’s a little bit extremely disgusting, but the gross out factor pales in comparison to the massive release you feel when a waxy boulder comes tumbling out of a cave on the side of Head Mountain. Remember: there’s nothing to be embarrassed about because this is just The Magic of the Human Body. Yes, like a loyal employee punching out after a hard day on the line, your earwax heads home with its lunchbox in hand after drowning dust and dirt on a double shift in your ear canal. The gig’s not easy and it doesn’t pay well, so when Waxy Brown’s finished his business, you know it’s because he’s done as much as he can.


look out below

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13 thoughts on “#741 When a big chunk of ear wax randomly falls out of your ear

    1. LMAO! “Sure, it’s a little bit extremely disgusting…” No, it’s a lot extremely disgusting! HaHa! I never had this either, Bekah, but I’m kind of obsessed with my ears being clean. I’ve used a Q-tip daily forever, plus at least once per month I clean my ears with peroxide. Which leads me to wonder, what is the freakin’ purpose of cotton swabs if not to swab our ears? There’s a warning on the box not to insert them into the ear canal, but if I don’t do that then I have absolutely no use for the things. I like to imagine that the manufacturers sit around a big board room saying, “Yeah, like we know we can’t advocate jamming our marvelous products right on into the ear, but we KNOW everyone will anyway because it feels so doggone good after! It’ll just be a secret between us and the 10,000,000 people who use ’em!”

      1. The only other uses I have for them is crafts stuff with the kids or when I paint my nails and accidentally paint my fingers. I dip the Q-tip on polish remover and then proceed to remove the polish.

    1. Also, Neil, can you make links to the second go around that you are putting on. When people go to the top 1,000 tab, you can only access the first round.

  1. I’ve been waiting for this to happen to me so can know of it’s awesomeness, but it still hasn’t happened :(

    1. It literally just happened to me and I was freaking out. I thought there was a bug in my ear and my mom had to get it with tweezers (gross I know). I literally didn’t even know that this was possible.

  2. I’ve had this happen once, and it basically resulted in: “Huh? … EEEEEWWWWWeeessooommeeee. Did that just come out of my head? That totally just came out of my head…Dude. Duuuuude…”

  3. Groase everytime this comes around! And I wonder why it drops into the email box seemingly more often that any others!
    This has never happened naturally but I can attest it’s a beautiful thing when my ears are full and the doctor does it so that the pressure is relieved and what hearing I have left returns! I can hear music, sweet, sweet music:)

  4. Yess!!! This finally happened to me!! It’s funny to think that I’m excited about this. But that just shows how much this blog changed the way I think. If I had never read this, I probably would’ve just thought it was gross, not awesome. So, thanks Neil!

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