#739 The sound of barely frozen puddles cracking when you step on them

Crisp breezes chip at your cheeks as you shiver and slide to school. Blades of grass are stiff with frosted dew on their tips, your breath puffs in cold clouds in front of you, and little puddles on the sidewalk get that thin film of ice across the tops, just waiting for you to do what you gotta do.

Yes, when you’re slip-shuffling half asleep, buried under your backpack, there’s just something sweet about stomping those frozen puddles and filling the still and quiet walk with a nice crisp CRACK.

After you do the deed, you trudge on against the biting wind with an extra spring in your step and twinkle in your eye, because came across the frozen puddle first and you busted it up good.

Let’s face it: that crack is so permanent, so satisfying, and so completely


Crack the pud and smile(Thanks so much for an awesome year, everybody.)

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18 thoughts on “#739 The sound of barely frozen puddles cracking when you step on them

  1. I love this! Also, I would love picking up sheets of ice from the top of a bucket or something and chucking the ice on the ground. The feeling and sound of break was so satisfying, especially since I knew it would just melt and not cause any damage like that evil glass stuff. It’s natural destruction. The best.

  2. It’s doesn’t know where I live, and the morning frosts don’t seem to produce these perfect puddles. But it sounds delightful! Could it possibly be better than crunching autumn leaves?!

    1. I’d say the leaves and ice are pretty close in comparison. They are both really fun to do. I love the crunching sound.

  3. It’ll be a while before there’s a layer of ice on the puddles. Summer just hit. I do love stepping in the tiny puddles for that awesome cracking sound.

    1. Which means lovethebadguy’s in winter now! Cool! It’s 90+ freaking degrees here this week, so a little winter frosty freezing sounds pretty refreshing!

      1. I’m not a summer kind of person. I might just have to start making a 3 month trip down under to keep cool. Sping, fall, and winter are all great, but when we get to these horrible hot days with all the humidity, I just want to stay inside. I do feel sorry for my Aussie friends because I know how bad their summer was this year.

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