#737 Catching somebody singing in their car and sharing a laugh with them

Blast it outIt’s late, it’s quiet, and you’re stuck at a red light.

Casually, you glance to your left and notice a muted explosion of furious head bopping, furrowed eyebrows, and silent wailing inside, as the driver rocks out alone and in the zone.

Blast it to the top of the chartsAnd there’s just something worth smiling about when you observe that passionate display of pure private pleasure only a few feet away. Suddenly you’re the producer in the booth watching your struggling artist hit the high notes in their tight sound chamber on wheels. Yes, they’ve struggled for years to get clean and make it in from the streets, but now you’re smelling a hit …

… and a future.

So maybe you bop along for a few beats, catch the same song on your radio, or lock eyes with them for a second and share a warm and heartfelt laugh. Maybe you feel a tiny flip in your heart as you connect with a total stranger for a few fleeting seconds. And maybe it makes you a tiny bit happier and maybe you smile a tiny bit more.

I say today we salute all the highways rockers of the world. Thanks for brightening our day and making us laugh at the reds. Rock on and keeping belting them out, because you make the world shine brighter and make our long drives home a lot more


Booming those beats while cruising those streetsPhotos from: here, here, and here

10 thoughts on “#737 Catching somebody singing in their car and sharing a laugh with them

  1. Hmm… I sing in the car, but never in any sort of animated fashion. I’ll have to really get into it next time, so anyone who innocently glances over can have their day made AWESOME.

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  2. I saw a guy this morning just singing and dancing away. I loved it!!
    And I do it all the time. Wonder how many people have seen me.

  3. As the Moody Blues have sung, so it is and shall be forever more “I’m just a singer in a rock and roll band,” and I do this all the time!!! Some faves Alanis Morissette, Jagged Little Pill will always be her best and you can even sign “Hand in Pocket!” If I’m singing Universal songs by The Beatles such as “Hey Jude”, by the Beatles, I have been known to form my mouth more matter of factly, in hopes others will read my lips ,join in and as Springsteen sings, “Come on up for the rising”!
    But if/when I’m singing in the car and I forget a line I actually hope if anyone noticed they just assume it’s the line that goes, Nananananananananananananananananananana, Hey Jude! :)

  4. Oh god, this is nothing. Try driving next to me. You will probably catch me SIGNING to the radio

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