#735 Doing the moonwalk in your socks

I'll think of you whenever I sweat on the dance floorBetween clanging gongs at the beginning of Beat It my fellow six-year-old cousins and I would strike star poses, fling our hats, and blast fist-pumps to the sky. As the bass kicked in and the songs cranked up, we’d grab our crotches and form sweaty circles around each other for blazing solo dances, rocking out to Thriller and Billie Jean under flickering fluorescent lights in the hot basement. Energy buzzed through our veins as we closed our eyes, spun in circles, and danced loud and long into the night.


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6 responses to “#735 Doing the moonwalk in your socks

  1. Being able to do it at all would be pretty sweet!

  2. I haven’t attempted this since I was little. That was just the thing to do back in the day when MJ was huge.

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  4. No matter what has been said about MJ, he definitely had the moves

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