#725 When the lights turn green just as you’re approaching the intersection

Green traffic lightEngines revving, drivers idling, traffic lights flash red and stall the scene. Then just as you’re pulling up and about to slow down everything suddenly flicks to green.

Now you’re pounding the gas and zooming right through the intersection in a blurry blaze. Fellow drivers start up in your wake but by then you’re long gone, coasting home, smiling wide, and just enjoying the ride.


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9 thoughts on “#725 When the lights turn green just as you’re approaching the intersection

  1. Be careful there isn’t a car still in the intersection before you go zooming into it. Lots of people run yellow lights and will still be in the intersection.

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  3. This is even better in a big city, when you get the green light and then you look ahead, and… *ding* *ding* *ding*… They all start turning green up ahead. Smooooooth. :D

  4. I used to have the lights timed just perfect where they would turn green as I approached. I knew exactly how fast I could go without having to stop. Well.. they redid the timers in the lights and now I stop at just about every single one. :-(

  5. Oh ya!!! Especially when running just on time for an appointment…when this happens it seems as though the universe is definiately on my side this day:)

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