7 thoughts on “#686 When you open your cell phone and there are a bunch of text messages waiting

  1. :-( I don’t get that many texts anymore and no one texts me late at night. As a matter of fact, my phone is hardly used. I just don’t talk to many people anymore. I think if my mom texted, I would text her all day… or if my daughter had a phone, I’d text her when I knew she wasn’t in class…. oh this makes me kinda sad knowing that I don’t have many people I talk to on a regular basis. I think I need to surprise someone now and send them lots of texts out of the blue

  2. Before I knew how to text I used to wnder what the bleep was going on. Then one day my daughter told me and showed me what the bleep was going on, BIG surprise, there were about 55 in the text files. I had to hope those people who had messaged me all those months past were not still waiting! LOL!
    Then when I learned how to text, the cell was going off all the time but nowadays it’s quiet1 Hardly anyone even texts anymore! I hear all the messages are on face book and here’s the thing people, if you’re waiting for me there to reply, it’s likely not going to happen! I’m not anti-social I just can’t keep up with all this techie stuff and real live stuff!
    And I really need the real live stuff:)))

  3. The only time I get a lot of texts is after I’ve been out of range for an extended period of time. But I love getting them because it’s usually just my kids.

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