#685 Taking the stairs beside somebody taking the escalator

which route will you takeComing out of the subway, heading to the airport gates, or moseying back to the office after lunch, you occasionally walk with a friend and hit this classic fork in the road. On the right is a smooth-moving escalator with a bit of traffic and on the left is a wide-open set of stairs.

As your friend continues chatting and takes the first step onto the escalator, you cut off the conversation and leap onto the stairs.

Now the race is on.

Jump up those stairs, take them two at a time, do what you need to do, just chase the racing bunny that is your friend’s smooth-moving head all the way up. And if your buddy starts walking up the escalator, make no mistake: They are cheating. And if they hit a wall of tourists taking pictures or a family with a smuggled stroller gumming up the lanes, make no mistake: They knew the risks.

If you beat them to the top, it’s time to celebrate by taking gasping, wheezy breaths while grabbing your sides and wiping the sweat off your brow.

Congratulations, friend.

You just burned a calorie.


dog race all the way to the top

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10 thoughts on “#685 Taking the stairs beside somebody taking the escalator

  1. I like using the stairs instead of the elevator and trying to beat people that way. The suspense is epic, because you have no way of knowing if you’ve won until you reach the bottom!

  2. I always opt for the stairs if I have a choice, unless I am with someone then we usually mosey on the escalator. I love how you wrote it this entry. Usally during a concert or the circus is when you really see the difference. Not many people will take the stairs, but I will and my kids will follow and we laugh because we basically just jumped all those people in line.

  3. 1 calorie? ONLY ONE?! I think it’s more like 1000 calories and there should be a prize chocolate bar waiting at the top of the stairs to balance the blood sugar:)

  4. I once ran up the stairs in a hotel trying to beat someone in the elevator. I’ve never raced anyone on an escalator, though. One day, I shall. Or maybe I’ll race someone by running up the down escalator, with them going up the up escalator.

    1. I race people at work all the time. I’ll take the stairs while they’re waiting on the elevator. I always tell them that I’m racing them so I don’t have to explain later why I’m so out of breath.

  5. I have very little opportunity to use elevators or escalators (Escalators, btw, are highly superior to elevators!), so when I get the chance, I jump on those moving stairs and just enjoy the ride!

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