#682 When your boss leaves early for the day

empty deskThis allows you to work extra hard in a quiet setting and get your projects done very quickly.

Or just leave early, too.


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6 thoughts on “#682 When your boss leaves early for the day

  1. I always leave early. My boss stays mostly until 5 every evening and I’m outta here by 4:30 at the latest. And if I want to leave earlier, I go. She doens’t care. Its weird when she leaves before me. I feel like I have to stay longer just in case something happens…. but I never do.

  2. I’ve had jobs where that happened, the highlight, Ron’s Music Store. Ron made us listen to his faves over and over and over until we wanted to puke but had to keep smiling and selling, so when he’d slip away for a drink at the nearby bar, there was always the added thrilling suspense of not knowing if he’d return, through the front door of the mall where we could see him coming or sneak in the back door. We whistled while we worked and wore genuine smiles while we sang and danced to our Rock and Roll faves! Glory Days, glory days, glory days…then we’d go down to The River and into the River we’d dive…oh-oh, down toTthe River we’d dive, ayaya! (sneaky huh:)

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